Arab attack in Jerusalem- one dead, more injured



At approximately 10 AM Jerusalem time, an Arab terrorist, possibly two opened fired on Jews near the Ammunition Hill Train Station. One Jew has been reported killed, another in critical condition, one more in very serious condition and several others injured to various degrees. A terrorist was reported shot dead. Authorities have sealed off the entrance to Jerusalem and believe that there might yet be another terrorist on the run from the scene of the attack.

Riots and fights between Jews and Arabs have been reported in various parts of the capitol.

Justice for Shlomo Rindenow

Shlomo Rindenow was a lone soldier who immigrated to Israel from New Jersey. He served in the IDF engineer corps and found his death under mysterious circumstances in the Golan Heights, while on guard duty on the 11th of Tamuz (July 17, 2016). Before he volunteered to join the IDF, he had given a year of his life volunteering in Kfar Tapuach to train service dogs and search for missing people with the (I.D.U.) Israel Dog Unit.


While it is hard to get a handle on what exactly transpired from the delayed and contradictory news items that have thus far been released from IDF censorship, some facts are none the less clear: A Druze soldier who was driving a jeep on a standard patrol and who had arrived at an army outpost that was being guarded by Shlomo Rindenow exited the jeep, with a hand grenade, which he used to kill himself and Rindenow. The Druze soldier  had no hand grenade. He stole it from somewhere. Army policy would not permit the driver to have had a grenade.


Some reports said that the Druze soldier was arguing. Others called it an accident. What was he doing with a stolen grenade? Why did he exit the jeep? Why did he kill Shlomo Rindenow?

IMG_0936 II

I do not believe that we can expect honest answers without demanding them. The generals who lead the army were very quick in condemning Elor Azarya blaming him for using unwarranted force against an Arab terrorist who tried to kill Israeli soldiers, moments after that incident, despite evidence that the the terrorist posed a threat to Elor and the others in the area. However when it now comes to the killing/murder of Shlomo Rindenow there was a blackout on all information concerning the incident. While there could be justification not to publish the name until all family members are notified, what justification could there be not to allow the details of the case, without the names to be broadcast? Furthermore, almost a full day has passed since the incident and all of the army and government spokespeople continue to trip over themselves with contradictory and confusing reports about what really happened.


Was Shlomo preventing the Druze soldier who was wielding a stolen grenade from entering into the base? Was Shlomo Rindenow preventing the Drzuse soldier from attacking the other soldiers? Was the Druze soldier deliberately attacking Shlomo? I fear that we will never know the answers?


Is the Israeli government covering up the truth and blurring the facts so as not to harm the myth of coexistence? It is known that the young Druze are not the old Druze. Just as the new Pharoah had forgotten Joseph, the new generation lack the loyalty that was common place in the older generation. Military jails are full of Druze criminal soldiers who steal weapons and worse.

This would not be the first time that Israeli leaders hide facts from the public distorting the painful truth about the relationship of Jews with various minorities living under Jewish rule in Israel. This would not be the first time that truth is sacrificed on the altar of fake peace and coexistence that the Israeli media and politicians will try and sell to the public at any cost. We have not fogotten the case of Netanel Arami who was murdered by Arabs

while rapelling. They cut the ropes. 

The police and  government lied. They covered up the truth for months so as not to upset the delicate balance and relationship between Jews and Arabs. Heaven forbid should the people know the painful truth about the real dangers that confront Jews from their Arab co-workers and comrades.

Shlomo Rindenow volunteered for a year with the Israel Dog Unit, dedicating the last year of his life, before he joined the army, training with Search and Rescue dogs and partaking in searches for missing people with the I.D.U. He gave of himself to save Jews in Israel through his service with the I.D.U. and later through his IDF service. We owe it to him to demand justice. The same military leaders who were so quick to condemn Elor Azarya so as to appease the gentile world and to look pretty in the eyes of the gentiles, rushing to condemn the soldier who killed a terrorist, now, is silent when it comes to speaking out against a Druze soldeir who killed a Jewish soldier with a stolen grenade. We demand answers! We demand justice for Shlomo Rindenow.







BREXIT? Let’s JudExit or ArabExit!

Judexit or Arabexit – Lessons to learn from the BREXIT that could save Israel.

British voters have decided to take their country out of the European Union.

About 52 percent of U.K. voted opted to leave the E.U.; 48 percent voted to stay, according to partial results.

Financial markets in Asia and around the world plunged, the British pound fell to its lowest since 1985 against the dollar. The euro currency plunged to near parity with the dollar.

The Talmud in Yevamot says that all major events around the world happen for the Jews. There are vital lessons for the Jews to learn from this historic occasion.


Measure for Measure

Measure for measure the European Union which has been meddling in Israeli affairs and financing the Arabs and fanatical leftist movement to divide Israel and to try and force a surrender of Jewish land and a two state “solution”, now finds themselves scrambling to prevent a domino effect that could bring about the further division, and demise of the entire EU.


Jews beware of speedy unraveling of global economic markets

It is important to watch the speed in which world events could negatively impact stock markets and currencies worldwide. The Jew is the regular scapegoat when economies crash. This is just one more reason to come home to Israel now. The rapid and rampant growth of Jew hatred around the world, coupled with failing economies, the growing movement to boycott Israel and the incredible anti-Israel sentiment surfacing in the largest political party in the United States create a burning furnace of hate that threatens to liquidate Jewish life in America as we know it.

If the Brits can dump their establishment and opt for independence – Why can’t Judeans?

Years ago it seemed crazy to even consider a majority in England voting to break away from the European Union. More than 80 percent were against separation when the idea was first suggested. The people of England took back their power. They defied their political establishment. They defied international pressure. The people of England have spoken and they told Obama and theri own Prime Minister where they could go.


In Israel, the majority of Jews already oppose the two state solution proposed by the current Netanyahu-Lieberman coalition. This does not stop Bibi and Lieberman from proposing the idea, which stands diametrically opposed to their pre-election promises. They took the votes and then made an about face, calling for the establishment of a second state for the so called Palestinians.

A second “Palestinian” state means a surrender of Jewish land that would be controlled by Arab terrorists and that would be “Judenrein” – free from Jews.

Most Israelis know of only one option: The Two state solution; one for Israel and one for Palestine.


The time has come to offer a better solution, if there is no other choice: A Judean option. Two states, one for Israelis and one for Judeans. Rather than surrender Jewish sovereignty – allow the Jews who wish to remain, to stay in Judea and Samaria. Don’t the Judeans have a right to national self-determination. Why is it unthinkable to expel Arabs, yet perfectly acceptable to expel Jews from their homes?

If Israel wishes to commit suicide by retreating to the Aushwitz borders of 1967, at least let the Jews who wish to remain in their Jewish towns, to do so, and to serve as a buffer zone for their brothers and sisters who prefer living in Israel.

 Judea and Israel – 2 Jewish states.

If the Arabs can have 20 plus states, why can’t the Jews keep two within their G-d given biblical borders.

If that referendum doesn’t work, then give us an Arab-exit referendum!

For those who laugh at the Judean Option – the JudExit, then there is one remaining way for Israel to save itself from Arab bombs and the Arab demographic threat. The only remaining option is to allow the Jews of Israel to vote in a referendum supporting Arab exit.

gazaterror (1)


Let the Arabs join their brothers and sisters in any one of the dozens of Arab states that exist, and let Israel be saved from the hostile fifth column that threatens Israel’s very existence from within.

Jud-Exit or Arab-Exit two referendums which could yet save the state of Israel.

Bugie Yaalon Resigns Not a Minute Too Soon

“Bugie,” The nation remains emotionally tied to the IDF. They just don’t see you or your generals as loyal to the values and the interests of the IDF. It’s that simple.

It seems that Israel’s former Defense Minister resigned just in time, before he would have drowned in a tsunami of scandals.


Bibi may have succeeded in broadening his coalition from 61 to 66 members by recruiting Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu Party, however, only time will tell whether this move will stabilize Bibi’s rickety coalition. One thing for certain, if “Bugie” was calling for the officers in the IDF to challenge government policy, he was surely positioning himself to continue to be a fifth column within the Likud, likely voting against his own party in the future.

Right to left: Bibi, “Ivotte” and “Bugie”. They were never happy campers together.

Bibi was more than happy to dump Yaalon – his problematic defense minister. Bibi has now officially appointed “Ivette” Avigdor Lieberman as Israel’s new minister of defense to replace “Bugie” Yaalon. Bugie will not be attending any of the  inauguration or installation ceremonies of his successor after taking off like a bat out of hell last week, making himself, for himself, a farewell ceremony. Behaving like a 3 year old infantile, spoiled brat who had his toy soldiers yanked away from him, Yaalon refused to have any official transition – where he could hand over the ranks to Lieberman in any orderly professional, mature fashion. Minute matters such as the security of the nation of Israel which is at stake, is evidently of no major concern to “Bugie”.

Objective observers would deduce that national security and Judaism are not of any primary interest to  “Bugie” or the generals at the helm of Israel’s security forces these days. In fact, “Bugie” made sure to get rid of anyone who remotely reminded him of a Jewish Israel in his last remaining minutes as defense minister – firing Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, his deputy, stripping him of his entry pass into The Kirya – Israel’s equivalent to the American Pentagon. G-d forbid should his Yarmulke donning, bearded deputy be present when Yaalon would salute himself out of office. Incredible to think that this self-absorbed,  cry-baby was responsible for the security of the state of Israel.

Eli Ben Dahan,  Deputy Defense Minister fired by “Bugie,” reinstated 10 minutes later

Bugie jumped ship before the ship capsized – like any “good captain” of his ilk

It is difficult to conceive  that “Bugie” would have lived out his term as defense minister without further major incident. The findings of the State Controller’s investigation into Zuk Eitan – Israel’s last invasion into Gaza, have already been leaked to the press. It is now known that “Bugie” withheld vital information from the Israeli war cabinet and that he was completely wrong about the true risk that the Hamas tunnels posed to Israel. His  refusal to launch a preemptive strike against the tunnels and his opinion that Hamas would not use those tunnels to attack Israel proved to be absolutely wrong and almost caused the loss of hundreds if not thousands of Jewish lives.

Today, headlines reveal that the level of readiness of the Israeli armored and tank divisions have never been so ill prepared for war other than prior to the Yom Kippur War, when Israel was caught completely off-guard. Good work “Bugie,” you were obviously too busy shining and wiping your moral compAss.

Yaalon’s misplaced mercy and warped moral compass

Yaalon spoke of values and ethics in all of his final speeches and media interviews. Like a broken record he repeated the theme about his moral compass calling for a different Israel that would behave in a humane fashion, showing more compassion for the enemy population, “Israel needs to win, but we must remain human,” he reiterated in his closing address. In recent weeks he went as far as to cast aspersion on the Israeli public, blaming Israeli society for turning into animals and for behaving like ISIS, by showing support for    Elor Azarya, the soldier who dared to shoot the “neutralized” terrorist in Hebron. Yaalon, like Eizenkott his Chief of Staff, condemned Azarya in the harshest terms, referring to him as a murderer, even before the investigation was opened against him, literally minutes after the incident.

Elior Azarya

Yaalon was also quick to support the Deputy Chief of Staff who condemned modern day Israel on “Holocaust Day,” comparing Israel to Nazi Germany.

Yaalon went one step short of calling for a military coup, when he called upon all IDF officers not to hesitate to attack official government policy and to speak out against inhumane orders. It is indeed difficult to fathom how this extreme-leftist politician was a vital part of the so called “right-wing” Likud Party, who succeeded, not long ago in rising up the ranks of Likud by riding on the coattails of the most right wing fringe within the party. He can condemn “right wing extremist elements” for taking control of the Likud, however, the fact remains that he knew very well how to play on the emotions of these same popular winds in the Likud prior to the Likud primaries. He would never have forged his way into the position of Defense Minister without his alliance with Feiglin and other rightists in the Likud at that time. Ironically both Feiglin and Yaalon ran away from a Likud Central Committee that was not particularly thrilled about either of them. The world of politics is a strange world indeed.

I remember when Yaalon was the darling of the right who was hailed as the new savior of Israel. I remember Caroline Glick and and all of the other glittering glickers glicking over  themselves as they embraced Boogie who was then their new messiah of the right-wing nationalist camp.

The very same moronic Likudnikim who empowered “Bugie” would later spread targets calling for his removal

However, don’t be fooled and charmed by the newly anointed Lieberman, yet another leftist dove in right-wing wolf attire. Five minutes have not passed from the time “Ivotte” Lieberman was sworn in to be defense minister and between his proclamation that he would lead the charge for a two state solution based, no doubt, on Israel’s surrender of more Jewish land and painful, one-sided Jewish compromises to our imaginary “Palestinazi”peace partners.

images (1)

“Get the Arabs” always unites the rightwingers almost as much as “Kill the Jew” unites the Arabs. Only the Arabs mean what they say, and the righwing politicians are liars

Bibi pulled the same “shtick” on election day with his desperate plea to the people of Israel to rush to the polling booths to offset the Arab enemies of Israel who were being transported in mass on buses to vote Israel out of existence. Bibi’s empassioned plea to the nation worked. Thousands of Jews rushed out to the polls to save Israel. The people of Israel are so thirsty for a leader who will take a real stand against the Arab enemy. Bibi knows the game. The Jewish voters in Israel are mere pawns in Bibi’s political satanic chess game, once again. The Arabs and the anti-Semites know that their last refuge when fighting a losing internal battle, is to pull Israel out of their magic hat. That will always unite the Arab world and the Jew haters to wage battle against their common Jew enemy. In Israeli politics, the Israeli right will always play the wild Arab card when the going gets rough at the polls. And the naieve nationalist camp will always fall for it, over and over again.The only difference between the Israeli right and the Arabs is that the Arabs really shoot their scuds and rockets into Israel to unite other Arabs, whereas the right never seems to do more than talk. Rather than walk the talk and taking meaningful action against the Arab enemy, they settle for harsh campaign rhetoric and more false hardline promises.

Some people just never learn. The Americans and Arabs keep pishing on Bibi and he keeps pishing on his constituents. Peace, peace but there is no peace. War, war but there is no war.

Glick already betrayed his one issue: The Temple Mount 

Speaking of glickers and other assorted lefties wearing right wing armor and camouflage to deceive and conquer the Israeli mAsses – who tend to be far more right-wing than their leadership; and speaking of those that dupe their dopey, wishful thinking constituents into electing them based on false hard-line election campaign promises, one must not overlook Yehuda Glick. Now that sore-loser-Yaalon resigned, his knesset seat goes to Yehuda Glick. Glick already capitulated and surrendered the Temple Mount – his number one claim to fame. He has already agreed not to ascend the Temple Mount and he has seized every opportunity since he entered into the Knesset to reveal that he is more left wing and a greater Arab lover than Ahmed Tibi and all of the other Jew-hating Arab Knesset Members combined.

Yehuda Glick never claimed to be right wing

Bugie, the people still love the IDF. They just don’t see you and your generals as the IDF

In Yaalon’s last interview to the press while still in office he bemoaned Bibi’s abandonment of him. “Bugie” did it ever dawn upon you that Bibi and the general Israeli public turned their back on you only after you and your generals turned your backs on your soldier Azarya? You convicted him before the military police commenced their investigation. You pronounced your soldier “guilty” before he was even accused. You equated him with the very terrorist that attacked IDF soldiers. You called the vast majority of Israelis who supported Azarya “animalized” and compared them, no less, to ISIS. Who abandoned whom? Measure for measure you have now been abandoned to the consequences of your own designs. It is not the people VS the IDF, but “Bugie” and the generals VS the IDF and the nation of Israel. “Bugie,” The nation remains emotionally tied to the IDF. They just don’t see you or your generals as loyal to the values and the interests of the IDF. It’s that simple.