Voice of Judea News and Commentary Headlines 29 Kislev 5778

-Bedouins Pillage IDF

-Latvians Like Swastikas

-Bibi may be indicted for bribes but not treason – a decade of reign coming to an end?

-Israel Dog Unit – Merges dogs with advanced thermal technology in battle against terror

Bedouins invade IDF bases, robbing equipment and weapons regularly

What has become referred to as the eleventh plague upon the Israelites (otherwise known as Bedouin bandits) strikes throughout Israel on a daily basis, particularly, but not only, in Israel’s Negev.



A recent on-line post written by a soldier who participated in a military exercise in Zielim gives a small insight into the extent that the Bedouins control Southern Israel. Bedouins enter and exit freely and unscratched onto and off of military bases walking off with valuable booty daily. Defeatist army regulations prohibit shooting at these criminals. Israel is concerned with upsetting the already delicate relations with the Bedouins, many of whom also serve in the IDF.

Defense Minister Lieberman with Bedouin I.D.F officers

Itai writes in his revealing Facebook post about how one of his fellow soldiers had his duffle-bag stolen from the tent that he was sleeping in, and about how a Bedouin rode past his jeep, slashing a combat-pouch. In a third incident he describes how the military exercise was cut short due to an unconscious Bedouin found on the ground. The injured Bedouin was attempting to rob the equipment from a tank, and had fallen off during his foiled heist.

Hundreds of frustrated Israelis commented and affirmed this phenomena on Itai’s facebook page.

To view the post:

More and more Bedouins are partaking in anti-Israel terrorist activities over recent months. In reality, Bedouins control most of Israel’s roads and highways, not only in the Negev, but also building hundreds if not thousands of illegal encampments adjacent to roads throughout the country. In a matter of minutes should there G-d forbid be a concerted synchronized effort, the Bedouins could effectively shut down Israel. This could be particularly troubling should Israel be tied up in a war on its borders and need to move troops and equipment to various border frontiers. This would also place many isolated Jewish towns, kibbutzim, and ”settlements” in a very precarious security situation, also effectively cutting off basic supply lines to these areas.



While the Israeli politicians and courts send the IDF to play cat and mouse games with “hill-top” Jewish youth, tearing down one outpost after another, and while the government demolishes Jewish homes in places like Netiv HaAvot and Amona because several inches or feet of a home overlaps on land that has not been claimed by Jews or the government, these “loyal” Bedouins conquer hundreds of kilometers of vitally strategic roadside land, waiting for the moment to pounce. They already pillage IDF bases, G-d help us. It is only a question of time before the Bedouin bandits and thieves guide enemy troops to commit acts of slaughter against soldiers in these very same bases, G-d forbid.

Bedouin encampment




Residents of a town in Latvia reported seeing a huge shining swastika among a neighbor’s outdoor X-mas decorations. This did not seem to bother city authorities who brushed it off, saying it was an ancient folk symbol unrelated to the Nazis.

Neighbors reported the festive fandangles on Kalnsetas Street in Saldus, western Latvia, confused at seeing the disturbing symbol displayed so openly.

Swastika on home in Latvian city supported by local municipality

A representative of the district council told the Delfi news portal that “the owner of the house has always put up decorations around Christmas-time, and this year chose the “Fire Cross”, the traditional Latvian symbol of fire.” Dina Neimeta, a public and international relations official at the council, said although some may find the set-up confusing it was not breaking any laws.

A number of other Saldus residents seemed to agree. “This is not a swastika. A swastika is the other way around,” Uldis, a local janitor, told RT’s Ruptly video agency.

RT commented that In fact, the Nazi swastika is the exact same way around, and even tilted at the same angle on the Third Reich’s 1933-1945 flag, and in that shape is banned in a number of European countries.

While the swastika in the general sense is a spiritual and religious symbol that has been seen for millennia across India and Asia, the particular straight-angled, tilted, right-facing form displayed in Saldus has now come to be firmly associated with Nazi Germany and the atrocities it committed.

In Latvian folk tradition, the swastika, known as the “Fire Cross” or “Thunder Cross,” is iconic of the god of thunder, light, lightning, power and happiness. As such, it is often incorporated into complex patterns used for jewelry, and clothing like mittens.

The Fire Cross, overlaid on a “cross of crosses”, was also used in the 1930s by the Latvian Perkonkrusts, an ultra-nationalist movement that adopted aspects of fascism and Nazism, although at the beginning it was equally opposed to Germans and Jews. Later during WWII, some Latvian nationalists collaborated with the German forces against the Soviets, with members of the Perkonkrusts taking a keen role in the Holocaust.

In Latvia Nazi collaborators are still honored on Legion Day, an unofficial holiday in which veterans of the Latvian Legion of the Waffen-SS openly march through Riga. Russia has repeatedly voiced its concerns about the glorification of Nazi-era war criminals and the relaxed attitude of the authorities towards the march.




The years and years of attacks and investigations launched against Bibi appears to be coming to a close at least in some of the investigations and it looks like Bibi will be brought up on bribery charges for accepting cigars and champagne from some of his family’s billionaire friends. We are what we read, and we think what we read, and even those of us who despise the ultra-leftist Israeli media for its self-hating, anti-Jewish bias, tend to be influenced by what we read. That said, it is hard not to get the feeling that Bibi, as bad and deserving as he may be, is being hunted down and pursued unfairly as if he was the biggest criminal in Jewish history. I mean truthfully, if you scrutinize anyone or any corporation for many years, not leaving any rock unturned and offering state-witness immunity to everyone who worked closely with him, you are bound to find something. Quite frankly, if all they can find is Cuban cigars and champagne then Bibi is either a brilliant crafty careful criminal or relatively clean.


This appears to be a sad ending for Bibi. In the national-moral-compass-book of many Israelis Bibi is guilty not of illegally accepting, requesting or smoking his favorite smokes but for not taking out Iran, surrendering control of parts of Hebron and for surrendering control of  the Temple Mount to the Arabs. It appears that he is about to go down in history losing both worlds; this world, and the world to come. He had a decade to turn the state of confused Jews into a proud Jewish state. He will be remembered for all of his vetoing and negative influence on much of the pro-Jewish legislation that were presented by his fellow coalition legislators -which he struck down so as not to upset the Arabs or the Americans.

הורד (3)

It is still early to eulogize Bibi. However even his friends are speaking about “the day after Bibi.” It looks like that day may be approaching soon. It is not too late for Bibi to acquire his day as a Jewish hero in Jewish history. He could then blame the media and the leftist establishment for persecuting him for being too Jewish.



The time is ripe to annex the “territories”, establish Jewish control on the mount, expel the enemies of Israel, and build a security zone deep into Lebanon and beyond Israel’s southern border deep into Gaza. In reality this is the only way to protect Israel from tunnels and rockets. It is something Israel will need to do regardless. Every day that passes, will make it more difficult to accomplish in the future.


Watch: Israel Dog Unit Integrates thermal camera on drone (Arutz Sheva)


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