Will Israel strike Iran first?


Everyone is against war now? What if war is inevitable and will be much harder to win later?


According to news reports today, Iran succeeded in sending a major military convoy of trucks straight to Lebanon, filled with troops, experts and equipment. Iran completed a safe-passage-corridor through Iraq straight through to Syria and Lebanon, in other words, straight to Israel. So much for Israel’s threats to Iran, warning them to stay away from Lebanon. And so much for the populist Israeli anti-war policy, to “let the Arabs kill each other, but not to get involved.” The Israeli media, politicians and military pundits told us that it would not be wise to get involved with the civil war that raged across Syria. In other words, our inaction helped Syria, Russia, Hizbullah and Iran defeat their enemies to quell the revolt in Syria. We created a vacuum that was eagerly filled by the evil axis that has restored power to Assad and that has crowned the Hizbullah who is now bringing safe passage to their Iranian handlers, spitting distance from the Israeli border.


It is not as if the Iranians are hiding their intentions. There is not a day that passes when Iran does not threaten to annihilate Israel. Reason enough to take Iran out of its misery, once and for all. We sat by and rejected the military option allowing international diplomacy to pave Iran’s way to a nuclear bomb. At best, Iran can achieve their deadly nuclear goal in a matter of years, at worst – in a matter of months.  We sat by and allowed the Hizbullah and Iran to win the war in Syria. And now we watch as they bring Teheran to our door step. Hitting isolated Iranian targets in Lebanon is fine. Kol Hakavod. However, now with the free flow of trucks that have started pouring into Lebanon there will be weapons that upset the military balance against Israel’s favour that will trickle through regardless, unless the source in Iran is taken out of commission in a major way. Iran’s success in establishing the Teheran-Tel Aviv corridor is an impressive military achievement and dream-come-true for the Jew-hating mullahs in Iran. However, Israel can turn that Persian dream into a Persian nightmare if Israel finally wakes up and decides to act. Israel can convert the corridor into a two-way highway headed straight from Jerusalem through Damascus to Iraq and Teheran.


It is clear that the Arab states, including Egypt have never changed. All of the signs on the ground indicate that they are all preparing the necessary infrastructure for massive troop transport and deployment and an all-out war with Israel, when the time is right for them. Why wait for them to surprise us again? Why wait for them to determine the timing and the intensity of the conflict when they are ready to inflict the most Jewish casualties? It is time to consider a pre-emptive strike. If we are heading for war, then let it be on our terms and when we are ready. There is no guarantee that Israel will have a chance to recover and respond to the Arab surprise attack, if they allow the Arabs to strike first. Who knows how many Jews will die in that first blow, G-d forbid? Who knows what strategic assets in Israel will be taken out if the Arabs are given the chance to strike first? Enough said.



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