Putting Trumps proclamation into proper perspective

They all promised – but Trump delivered.

Hopefully, it won’t be used against us in the future

-Trump did what former presidents failed to do. I hope that will not be used by him in the future to demand concessions from Israel. Trump: “Nobody loves Israel more than me, as I have shown. Now Israel must make painful concessions for peace…” I know many will say that the Arabs will never agree to make peace. And Trump is just trying to pretend that he is even-handed, knowing that the Arabs will never agree to sit down and talk. Tell that to the thousands of Jews driven out of their homes in Sinai, after Egyptian Sadat agreed to do what he was never supposed to do – to recognize Israel. I can live without them recognizing us, especially if with their recognition, comes surrender of land, and the Temple Mount to the Arabs.


-Arabs, other Jew-haters and self-hating Jews are in mourning, how sad

My condolences are extended to the Jew-haters and self-hating Jews. This is indeed a difficult week for them. Fear not, my fellow Jews. Any violence perpetrated by the Arabs will only boomerang back into their collective kufiyah. I remember when everyone predicted that Baruch Goldstein’s attack on the Arabs in Hebron, would trigger hundreds of attacks against Jews. The reality was very different. In the end, the Arabs tried to retaliate and ended up getting themselves expelled from key areas in Hebron that became “Arabian-rein”. Jews were able to walk freely in areas that had previously been inundated with hostile Arabs.

-Trump showed that he was more Zionist than Bibi and most Jews-but people neglect to concede that he recognized Arab rights to part of Jerusalem – The holiest part – The Temple Mount

har habayit

Trump recognized Jewish rights to part of Jerusalem and the Kotel, however, also recognized the Arab “right” to the Temple Mount and other parts of Jerusalem, to be determined in final status negotiations. In essence, what he really said was that the Jews could keep the outer wall – lower Kotel – and keep wailing at the Wailing Wall! I know this is “huge” or “yuge” as Trump would say, and it is far more than any other U.S. President and much more than Bibi has done, however, we need to aspire for more. And know that the Temple Mount is the heart of Judaism and of Jerusalem. He who controls the mount controls the land.


There are Jews who are thrilled with Trump and others that are angry that he recognizes that the Jews have any right to any part of Jerusalem. None appear to be even the slightest upset with Trump’s recognizing Arab rights to Temple Mount.


-Here is one Jew who appreciates the historic recognition that Trump has given to our G-d given rights to Jerusalem, however, it is incumbent upon us to clarify that all of Jerusalem is ours and to continue to demand of ourselves and our leaders to assert Jewish sovereignty on the Temple Mount. Trump is lightyears ahead of our leaders, but then that is not saying all too much.

-To the Jews that are qvelling – falling over themselves with yiddishe Nachas – Jewish Pride that the Big Goy in Washington has showered his love upon us

Jews must understand that our rights come from G-d and not from Trump or any other man. In the end we will need to place our faith in G-d as a precursor to redemption. In the end, we will need to stand alone without fear and faith in the gentile. We will be redeemed and build the holy Temple in Jerusalem regardless of Trump’s recognition or lack of recognition to our right over the Temple Mount.


Israel will live and thrive regardless. Trump, however, can restore greatness to America by showing his full support for Israel, for those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who don’t will be cursed. If you really care about Trump’s future and about the fate of America you will pressure POTUS to fully recognize the Jewish right to its holiest site, the heart of Zion – the Temple Mount. Falling over ourselves silly over Trump’s partial recognition of Jewish Jerusalem is fine, as long as we understand that the Temple mount is Jewish and as long as we make that clear to Trump and the rest of the world.


However, at the end of the day, restoring Jewish sovereignty over the mount is Bibi’s job, not Trump’s.

Please read an article that I published last year, to get a better understanding of Trumps potential role in Jewish history.




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