Arabs preparing war on Israel

ARABS PLANNING A MAJOR WAR ON ISRAEL – Time to dump Eizenkot and to prepare for battle

Find here a summary of the topics mentioned in this important article. The full article starts after the summary.

The facts about the massive build-up of Arab troops and infrastructure around Israel’s borders all point in a one-way direction of war. One need not be a brilliant military pundit to read the writing on the wall


The Russians are proud to present the victory that they delivered to Assad together with Iran and Hizbullah and they are gleefully dividing the spoils of the 6-year Syrian civil war, allowing for Hizbullah and Iranian bases to place themselves spitting-distance from Israel. Despite Israel’s empty threats and pitiful begging, Israel’s basic security interests have been thrown under the negotiating tables between Russia, Syria, Iran, Hizbullah, Turkey and even the U.S. Putin has been fair enough to meet Bibi, and to hear him out. However, hearing and listening are two different worlds. Russia’s actions or inactions on the ground demonstrate that they will not prevent the Syrian and Hizbullian presence/takeover in the Golan or on Israel’s border with Lebanon.


Israeli intelligence geniuses peddled the no-war mantra throughout the bloody Syrian civil war: Let the Arabs kill each other- we must stay out of the war. Oh really?

Ironically, Israeli intelligence proved to be less than intelligent when supporting the populist mantra “let the Arabs kill each other, let’s stay out of the fighting”. And so Israel joined the western international community in aiding the Hizbullah/Iran-Syrian-Russian Axis victory. Behind the scenes we even helped them secure priceless intelligence data and more used to defeat ISIS.  It is understandable to accept Israel’s role against ISIS but we wilfully neglected the Hizbullah/Iran threat, disregarding and down-playing the significance of such a victory. Israel could have done much more to alter the course of that war and to prolong it.

Hizbullah gains fighting experience, weapons, respect and morale

The emboldened Hizbullah monster that we have created has received international acclaim and has gained respect, now considered to be a real army and formidable fighting-force to reckon with. Tens of thousands of war-torn soldiers and officers have gained complex battle experience (that Israeli combat officers severely lack) and inherited weapons that are more than dangerous toys. I care less about the respect they have won, and more about the additional boost to their morale. Morale and a good-ole-fighting-spirit often measures in more than any other factor when it comes to fighting and winning wars, even on the modern battle field. Wars are not won by the timid and frightened souls but by those who convince themselves in the justice of their cause and who have the faith, courage and spirit to fight the war. When the winners are blood-thirsty savage muslim radicals, the smell of blood eggs them on. Israel’s fear to engage Hizbullah and Iran in Lebanon has only whet Hizbullah and Iran’s appetites. In the long run, the Arabs will again fall prey to their very designs – The harder Hizbullah will ultimately fall, from the heights of their foolish arrogance to the depth of defeat in the hands of Israel.

Young Muslim Militants Worldwide Flocking to Hizbullah – flocking to their own downfall

Naturally Hizbullah is reaping tremendous success in recruiting young Shiites in Lebanon as well as thousands from around the globe to join their ranks. What can you do? Everyone likes a winner.  Savage, barbaric winners are particularly adored and idolized by young Muslim fanatic types. They are planning the next stage in their quest at the conquest of Jerusalem. They have made no attempts to keep this any secret. While I would not yet eulogize ISIS, in Syria, Sinai or elsewhere, Hizbullah has had far greater success at training and recruiting Jihadists around the world and in importing them to Lebanon and Syria than ISIS ever had. Come ye faithful Muslim fanatical and foolish fops from the four corners of the earth to fall in the valleys surrounding Jerusalem. Help us gather you all together – for Judgement Day is coming. A day of revenge is in G-d’s heart, the time of redemption has come, Isaiah 63, 4.

IDF High Command Castrates Army and Fights Torah Values

The Israeli high command, on the other hand has implemented policies that castrate the IDF in many different  ways. They are forcing combat units to integrate female soldiers into their ranks, and openly admit that in order to absorb women in these units they are downgrading combat standards. Israel’s Chief of Staff has declared war on the military rabbinate, extricating Judaism wherever he can. Jewish heritage is no longer taught by the rabbinate after it has been forcibly placed into the hands of the educational wing of the army, so infamous for their alliance with extreme leftist anti-Jewish values and their hosting of the most virulent anti-Judaism speakers and teachers. Israel’s Chief of Staff has even forbidden IDF Rabbis from reading verses from the Bible at the troop graduation ceremonies after basic training and the like. Religious soldiers who wish to grow beards can no longer receive permits from the rabbinate, and the list goes on.


The prosecution of Elor Azarya and others who have been indicted for shooting terrorists has caused the expected and intended defeatist and negative ripple-effect .

According to published reports more and more youth inducted into the army are avoiding combat units and positions. Why risk one’s life and also one’s freedom on the altar of self-destructive suicidal orders that force troops to take unnecessary risks and that penalize good soldiers for killing the enemy? Soldiers are hesitating and even running away from the scene of terrorist attacks to avoid legal persecution/prosecution. Many IDF soldiers not only hesitate to shoot but prefer to flee rather than fight. Many situations have already arisen where combat soldiers literally ran away from terrorist attacks, such as was the case in the Armon HaNatziv and in French Hill, earlier this year. It is this type of hesitation at pulling the trigger and fear of Israeli judiciary terror and indictment that creates defeat on the battle field. It only takes a second of hesitation at pulling the trigger that gives the emboldened enemy- standing across from you the necessary edge to kill you and to win the battle, G-d forbid.


The IDF’s new policies that encourage same sex marriages and sex-change operations are dumping more buckets of immorality onto the already decaying social and ethical make-up of the army. The Torah warns of the connection and adverse impact that sexual perversion and lack of holiness in the camp have on victory in the battle field, Devarim 23, 15.


The Israelis have openly publicised their plans to surrender parts of the Galilee in the next war, allocating more efforts into evacuation plans for border towns and Kibbutzim to more safe and central areas, than any real plan to prevent an invasion from the North. For the first time in its history Israel is preparing to run away and to evacuate border towns, without putting up a fight. Yes, they will do their best to recapture these areas but have accepted the “fact” these towns are indefensible. G-d help us. If Bibi was a leader with a fighting spirit and faith, he would have flushed Hizbullah and Lebanon far beyond a security zone in occupied southern Lebanon, far beyond missile and tunnel range from Lebanon into major Israeli population centers. Force the hostile enemies of Israel to surrender their homes and to run away. There is no other way to protect Northern Israeli population centers. The only way is to seize and control the areas from which the HIzbullah launches their attacks and builds their tunnels.

Bibi’s threatening Iran to keep more than 40 kilometers away from Israel’s border is a hoax

Firstly, Iran should be taken out whether or not it has bases 40 or 41 kilometers away from Israel. Iran openly threatens Israel daily with annihilation. They have a death wish and they have signed it long ago. Secondly, Hizbullah is in control of the border. Hizbullah is Iran and Iran is Hizbullah. The UN troops are helpless and useless. See Yediot Ahronot, yesterday Nov. 26, 17. Even the bias viciously anti-Israel “peace” keepers claim this to be the case.

Bibi should take a 40 KM security zone period!

That is the only way to control the area and prevent hostile assaults on Israel through tunnels or rockets. Israel needs to liberate those areas, and drive out the hostile elements.


Jordan, on Israel’s Eastern Front is petrified of its own shadow and is not capable to put up any real fight should the Iranians come crashing through from the North or from the East, nor would their overwhelmingly majority belligerent “Palestinian” population have it any other way. The likelihood of terror cells finding home in Jordan to use it as a launching pad against Israel is a bigger threat than Israelis, who place their faith in the ”cold peace” with Jordan would like to believe. There are two banks to the Jordan, as Jabotinsky wrote in his Betar anthem. They are both belonging to Israel. Jordan, don’t make the foolish mistake that will trigger Israel to liberate the East Bank.


Egypt is building a humongous military arsenal and developing infrastructure such as massive highways in Israel’s direction through areas that are not populated and that have no traffic warranting the types of highways that are being built. Egypt is stockpiling weapons and signing new contracts. More tanks, fighter planes, and what not. They are making quick progress building nuclear facilities. There is no force out there that would justify the impoverished state of Egypt to make this huge investment into its armed forces. Everything points towards Jerusalem. Egypt, fear not, your tunnels and weapons will be turned against you, in the end.egypthighways


In Gaza the recent “Palestinian“ peace-deal forged between Hamas and Fatah, brokered by the Egyptians is very bad for Israel. Israel, again is left to hold the beggars bag, shouting forth her pathetic demands for Hamas to recognize Israel and disarm. Here, on the Southern Front nobody is even pretending to hear Bibi’s bellows. Israel is finding tunnels with new technologies, but Hamas and Jihad diggers, are digging away, and most Israelis believe that they have additional tunnels that have found their way underground deep into Israel. Naturally, in the end the tunnel dggers will build their own graves.


Many Israelis are dazzled by the new Saudi stance against Iran and Hizbullah, however, Iran is swallowing up country after country and has already succeeded in creating a corridor that they now safely control from Iran, through Iraq to Syria and Lebanon and to Israel. The recent run-away act performed by Lebanon’s prime minister, is proof of just how much Hizbullah controls Lebanon. Iran is winning in Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and elsewhere. They are the dominant force on the ground and the Arab world as well as the rest of the world believe that time is on their side, especially with the help of the Russians. The corrupt and backward regime in Saudi Arabia knows that there time is limited and fear a pro-Iran overthrow, sooner or later.

The evil Russian-Syrian-Hizbullah/Iran Axis is winning.

The Russians outplayed and out-maneuvered the US and the West in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. ISIS and the western aligned militias may have been defeated, but Israel is the big loser! It really does not matter whether ISIS comes or goes. At the end of the day, the lunatic radical muslim elements will find their way to Hizbullah and other savage terrorist groups. Hizbullah more or less controls the state of Lebanon and has a conventional military force that far exceeds most armies in the region, not to mention rival militias. They are far stronger and organized as a military force in comparison to ISIS – So much for the military doctrine that dictated that Israel stay out of the war. Ultimately Israel will be dragged into a war with Hizbullah and their allies regardless. Don’t be surprised if Egypt and Turkey play a role in that war against Israel. It may happen by surprise and at the worst timing for Israel, when Israel is in a far more vulnerable position to fight off the very Islamic monsters that they created.

This is a special time – and we better wake up and prepare to fight

This is a period which requires, prayer, faith in G-d, and creative military thinking. Israel needs to consider the type of pre-emptive strike it needs to launch to distance the Southern, Northern and Eastern Arab threats as well as to quell the Arab fifth column in its midst that are all waiting to pounce on tiny Israel when they feel the time is ripe. The question is not whether or not to strike, but how and when to do so. To surprise our enemies; to wake up and slay them first as we did in 1967 – in the Six Day War, or to stand surprised and close to helpless when we witness the Arab onslaught, as we did in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, when we needlessly lost thousands of Jewish soldiers before we could regroup and launch a meaningful counter offensive. Make no mistake and have no doubt – Israel will win and the Hand of G-d delivering victory and salvation to His people will be seen by all in the conclusion of the endgame. The only question is whether we will betray the necessary faith in G-d to bring about that victory and redemption through the necessary faith needed to merit that victory, before, or after much tragedy and bloodshed that could have been averted, had we only taken the initiative to strike first. Redemption comes in the merit of faith. Will we wake up and garner the necessary faith at our own initiative or will we reach the faith to rely on G-d, only after we have suffered miserable defeat and when we have nowhere else to turn in our hour of hardship and darkness?

BDS is a problem – but there are greater problems that demand our attention


This, my friend, is the message of the hour. Not BDS, and not Bibi political survival legislation. G-d asks us to decide our destiny – to have faith or not to have faith on a personal level as well as on a national level – to be or not to be?  If it is redemption, salvation and victory that we seek than it is actions of faith that the Almighty is waiting for. Have no fear – the war will come, sooner or later. Should we wait for the enemy to surprise us and to dictate the best time, when they are most ready or will we have the faith and courage to dictate the timing and the intensity of the conflict? Let us teach the street in Israel that launching a war against our enemies is the best option, when the alternative is waiting for our enemies to launch that war. Let us restore the lost fighting spirit that Israel once had. Let us restore Torah values and ethics to the IDF. Let us demand the ousting of Eizenkot, Israel’s Chief of Staff before he causes more irreversible damage to IDF moral and morale.


Don’t mess with the Jews and the G-d of Israel – if you wish to live!

A message to our Arab and Muslim cousins around the world: Don’t count on your victory just yet. The Jews who govern Israel and who encourage you through their weakness to seek battle against Jerusalem do not represent the people of Israel who will rise up and swat you like flies if you as much as think of attacking Israel.  And your victory against ISIS and your arrogance resulting from your victory will only lead to your demise. The Jews will win in the end and all of your weapons, highways and tunnels will be turned against you. It may take us Jews some time to take a stand but don’t make the mistake of waking up the sleeping lion of Zion. Ask yourself a vital question before you pound on the drums of war: Why is it that the Jews always win, when they finally decide to fight? Don’t force us to start that fight that will lead to your painful demise.

If you agree with me and support this message, then help me spread it around Israel. A message of faith and national spirit – to offset the defeatist anti -Jewish values that have taken root in Israel.

To contact me call 0544876709 or from abroad: 01192544876709

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