Terrorist was out on bail – but Jewish defenders are jailed.

The Arab terrorist who murdered two Jews, had been free on bail but due to begin prison term yesterday

Mesbah Abu Sabih the 39 year old Arab terrorist who murdered 2 Jews in yesterday’s attack in Jerusalem was convicted and sentenced to 4 months prison for assaulting a police officer in 2014 .He was free on bail and given freedom, due to report to prison authorities yesterday morning. He was due to start his prison sentence yesterday. Instead he went on a shooting spree, hunting down any Jew he could find on his rampage. He already sat out a one year prison term after pleading guilty to 12 counts of supporting and inciting  terrorism. If that was not enough, he was also indicted this year on eight counts of incitement to carry out acts of violence and terror and to an additional eight counts of supporting terror organizations. After having been repeatedly released on bail, Mesbah took advantage of his last minutes of freedom to carry out yesterday’s terror attack.


Mesbah was supposed to turn himself over to prison authorities to commence his incredibly lenient 4 month sentence for attacking police on the Temple Mount, which was perpetrated in 2014. If it was not so sad it would be kind of funny. He threatened the cop who had cuffed him, saying, “Remember my face, we will yet meet again.” This is the man who was roaming free on bail.

A link to the celebrations after his last release from prison:

In the past Mesbah had already served a year in prison for inciting to kill cops and soldiers during the period when the three Jewish boys were kidnapped and killed (Nafatali Frankel, Gil-ad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach, two years ago). The Jerusalem prosecutor’s office signed on a plea bargain agreement with the convicted terrorist in which he pled guilty to 12 counts of incitement to commit acts of terror and support of terrorism. The prosecutor asked for 15-30 months prison. The judge, Mordecai Caduri exercised his judicial power and settled for a mere 12 month sentence.


Mesbah was not only a known terror inciter and a known cop-beater, Mesbah was also a known trouble-maker on the Temple Mount who was issued, last July, an administrative distancing order preventing him from visiting the Temple Mount.

Voice of Judea Commentary:

Incredible! Elor Azarya – a seargent in the IDF is in custody without bail for neutralizing a terrorist who injured and attempted to kill soldiers, while this convicted Arab terrorist was released on bail, free to murder Jews. It is this type of foolish misplaced mercy and twisted morality which causes Israel to be cruel to the merciful and the good, and to be merciful to the cruel. This is a situation which can’t be sustained for much longer. Drastic change is needed. The IDF needs to be given a free hand to quell Arab terror and the courts must stop their lenient and apologetic approach to the savage Arab terrorists who are killing us!


More Insanity – Jew arrested in Tapuach for defending farm from Arabs moments after the shots were being fired in Jerusalem – The Jew remains in jail without bail

Nadav Yair a 62 year old Jewish man who resides on the hills between Tapuach and Ariel, was arrested yesterday after attempting to chase away a large group of Arabs who were ascending towards his home and farm yesterday at approximately 10 AM, only moments after the fatal terrorist attack was perpetrated in Jerusalem. The Arabs claimed that they were there to harvest “their land”. Police arrested Nadav alone for questioning. He was held overnight and is expected to be brought before a Petach Tiqwa magistrate court at 9:00 AM this morning, Momday, 10.10.16 L’Minyanam.

Voice of Judea Commentary:

If anyone is still asking why the Arabs are intensifying their terror attacks on Jews – The answer is obvious – Israeli courts, politicians and Chief of Staff have invited these attacks upon us by punishing soldiers who do their job against terrorists and by rewarding the terrorists. Gadi Eisenputz, Israel’s Chief of Staff summed it up well in several incredibly stupid and self-destructive public statements, when he said, “I do not want to see IDF soldiers shooting Arab girls who come with a scissors to kill them”, and “I reject the Talmudic imperative: when one comes to slay you slay him first, this is not the IDF way.” Yes we wait for them to kill us first?

When the Torah way of self-preservation is rejected by the morons who run the IDF, it is no surprise that these same generals rushed to convict Elor Azarya minutes after he shot at an Arab terrorist, and before he was even arrested, investigated or indicted. It is no surprise that the Arabs are laughing while they murder us. The media is reporting wide-spread celebrations by Arab Israelis in Jerusalem and throughout Israel. At the Aroma café’ down in the nearby Har Hazofim, across from Hebrew University the Arabs began to celebrate as they heard the news about the attack.

Arabs passed out candies and sweets to celebrate the murder of Jews:



Arabs were cheering during the channel ten broadcast. While the Jews were mourning at the funeral last night of the police officer who was murdered, thousands of Arabs gathered outside of the murderers house to celebrate. This must stop. They must go!

To Read Rav Kahane’s book wThey Must Go’:



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