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-Bedouins Pillage IDF

-Latvians Like Swastikas

-Bibi may be indicted for bribes but not treason – a decade of reign coming to an end?

-Israel Dog Unit – Merges dogs with advanced thermal technology in battle against terror

Bedouins invade IDF bases, robbing equipment and weapons regularly

What has become referred to as the eleventh plague upon the Israelites (otherwise known as Bedouin bandits) strikes throughout Israel on a daily basis, particularly, but not only, in Israel’s Negev.



A recent on-line post written by a soldier who participated in a military exercise in Zielim gives a small insight into the extent that the Bedouins control Southern Israel. Bedouins enter and exit freely and unscratched onto and off of military bases walking off with valuable booty daily. Defeatist army regulations prohibit shooting at these criminals. Israel is concerned with upsetting the already delicate relations with the Bedouins, many of whom also serve in the IDF.

Defense Minister Lieberman with Bedouin I.D.F officers

Itai writes in his revealing Facebook post about how one of his fellow soldiers had his duffle-bag stolen from the tent that he was sleeping in, and about how a Bedouin rode past his jeep, slashing a combat-pouch. In a third incident he describes how the military exercise was cut short due to an unconscious Bedouin found on the ground. The injured Bedouin was attempting to rob the equipment from a tank, and had fallen off during his foiled heist.

Hundreds of frustrated Israelis commented and affirmed this phenomena on Itai’s facebook page.

To view the post:

More and more Bedouins are partaking in anti-Israel terrorist activities over recent months. In reality, Bedouins control most of Israel’s roads and highways, not only in the Negev, but also building hundreds if not thousands of illegal encampments adjacent to roads throughout the country. In a matter of minutes should there G-d forbid be a concerted synchronized effort, the Bedouins could effectively shut down Israel. This could be particularly troubling should Israel be tied up in a war on its borders and need to move troops and equipment to various border frontiers. This would also place many isolated Jewish towns, kibbutzim, and ”settlements” in a very precarious security situation, also effectively cutting off basic supply lines to these areas.



While the Israeli politicians and courts send the IDF to play cat and mouse games with “hill-top” Jewish youth, tearing down one outpost after another, and while the government demolishes Jewish homes in places like Netiv HaAvot and Amona because several inches or feet of a home overlaps on land that has not been claimed by Jews or the government, these “loyal” Bedouins conquer hundreds of kilometers of vitally strategic roadside land, waiting for the moment to pounce. They already pillage IDF bases, G-d help us. It is only a question of time before the Bedouin bandits and thieves guide enemy troops to commit acts of slaughter against soldiers in these very same bases, G-d forbid.

Bedouin encampment




Residents of a town in Latvia reported seeing a huge shining swastika among a neighbor’s outdoor X-mas decorations. This did not seem to bother city authorities who brushed it off, saying it was an ancient folk symbol unrelated to the Nazis.

Neighbors reported the festive fandangles on Kalnsetas Street in Saldus, western Latvia, confused at seeing the disturbing symbol displayed so openly.

Swastika on home in Latvian city supported by local municipality

A representative of the district council told the Delfi news portal that “the owner of the house has always put up decorations around Christmas-time, and this year chose the “Fire Cross”, the traditional Latvian symbol of fire.” Dina Neimeta, a public and international relations official at the council, said although some may find the set-up confusing it was not breaking any laws.

A number of other Saldus residents seemed to agree. “This is not a swastika. A swastika is the other way around,” Uldis, a local janitor, told RT’s Ruptly video agency.

RT commented that In fact, the Nazi swastika is the exact same way around, and even tilted at the same angle on the Third Reich’s 1933-1945 flag, and in that shape is banned in a number of European countries.

While the swastika in the general sense is a spiritual and religious symbol that has been seen for millennia across India and Asia, the particular straight-angled, tilted, right-facing form displayed in Saldus has now come to be firmly associated with Nazi Germany and the atrocities it committed.

In Latvian folk tradition, the swastika, known as the “Fire Cross” or “Thunder Cross,” is iconic of the god of thunder, light, lightning, power and happiness. As such, it is often incorporated into complex patterns used for jewelry, and clothing like mittens.

The Fire Cross, overlaid on a “cross of crosses”, was also used in the 1930s by the Latvian Perkonkrusts, an ultra-nationalist movement that adopted aspects of fascism and Nazism, although at the beginning it was equally opposed to Germans and Jews. Later during WWII, some Latvian nationalists collaborated with the German forces against the Soviets, with members of the Perkonkrusts taking a keen role in the Holocaust.

In Latvia Nazi collaborators are still honored on Legion Day, an unofficial holiday in which veterans of the Latvian Legion of the Waffen-SS openly march through Riga. Russia has repeatedly voiced its concerns about the glorification of Nazi-era war criminals and the relaxed attitude of the authorities towards the march.




The years and years of attacks and investigations launched against Bibi appears to be coming to a close at least in some of the investigations and it looks like Bibi will be brought up on bribery charges for accepting cigars and champagne from some of his family’s billionaire friends. We are what we read, and we think what we read, and even those of us who despise the ultra-leftist Israeli media for its self-hating, anti-Jewish bias, tend to be influenced by what we read. That said, it is hard not to get the feeling that Bibi, as bad and deserving as he may be, is being hunted down and pursued unfairly as if he was the biggest criminal in Jewish history. I mean truthfully, if you scrutinize anyone or any corporation for many years, not leaving any rock unturned and offering state-witness immunity to everyone who worked closely with him, you are bound to find something. Quite frankly, if all they can find is Cuban cigars and champagne then Bibi is either a brilliant crafty careful criminal or relatively clean.


This appears to be a sad ending for Bibi. In the national-moral-compass-book of many Israelis Bibi is guilty not of illegally accepting, requesting or smoking his favorite smokes but for not taking out Iran, surrendering control of parts of Hebron and for surrendering control of  the Temple Mount to the Arabs. It appears that he is about to go down in history losing both worlds; this world, and the world to come. He had a decade to turn the state of confused Jews into a proud Jewish state. He will be remembered for all of his vetoing and negative influence on much of the pro-Jewish legislation that were presented by his fellow coalition legislators -which he struck down so as not to upset the Arabs or the Americans.

הורד (3)

It is still early to eulogize Bibi. However even his friends are speaking about “the day after Bibi.” It looks like that day may be approaching soon. It is not too late for Bibi to acquire his day as a Jewish hero in Jewish history. He could then blame the media and the leftist establishment for persecuting him for being too Jewish.



The time is ripe to annex the “territories”, establish Jewish control on the mount, expel the enemies of Israel, and build a security zone deep into Lebanon and beyond Israel’s southern border deep into Gaza. In reality this is the only way to protect Israel from tunnels and rockets. It is something Israel will need to do regardless. Every day that passes, will make it more difficult to accomplish in the future.


Watch: Israel Dog Unit Integrates thermal camera on drone (Arutz Sheva)


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Will Israel strike Iran first?


Everyone is against war now? What if war is inevitable and will be much harder to win later?


According to news reports today, Iran succeeded in sending a major military convoy of trucks straight to Lebanon, filled with troops, experts and equipment. Iran completed a safe-passage-corridor through Iraq straight through to Syria and Lebanon, in other words, straight to Israel. So much for Israel’s threats to Iran, warning them to stay away from Lebanon. And so much for the populist Israeli anti-war policy, to “let the Arabs kill each other, but not to get involved.” The Israeli media, politicians and military pundits told us that it would not be wise to get involved with the civil war that raged across Syria. In other words, our inaction helped Syria, Russia, Hizbullah and Iran defeat their enemies to quell the revolt in Syria. We created a vacuum that was eagerly filled by the evil axis that has restored power to Assad and that has crowned the Hizbullah who is now bringing safe passage to their Iranian handlers, spitting distance from the Israeli border.


It is not as if the Iranians are hiding their intentions. There is not a day that passes when Iran does not threaten to annihilate Israel. Reason enough to take Iran out of its misery, once and for all. We sat by and rejected the military option allowing international diplomacy to pave Iran’s way to a nuclear bomb. At best, Iran can achieve their deadly nuclear goal in a matter of years, at worst – in a matter of months.  We sat by and allowed the Hizbullah and Iran to win the war in Syria. And now we watch as they bring Teheran to our door step. Hitting isolated Iranian targets in Lebanon is fine. Kol Hakavod. However, now with the free flow of trucks that have started pouring into Lebanon there will be weapons that upset the military balance against Israel’s favour that will trickle through regardless, unless the source in Iran is taken out of commission in a major way. Iran’s success in establishing the Teheran-Tel Aviv corridor is an impressive military achievement and dream-come-true for the Jew-hating mullahs in Iran. However, Israel can turn that Persian dream into a Persian nightmare if Israel finally wakes up and decides to act. Israel can convert the corridor into a two-way highway headed straight from Jerusalem through Damascus to Iraq and Teheran.


It is clear that the Arab states, including Egypt have never changed. All of the signs on the ground indicate that they are all preparing the necessary infrastructure for massive troop transport and deployment and an all-out war with Israel, when the time is right for them. Why wait for them to surprise us again? Why wait for them to determine the timing and the intensity of the conflict when they are ready to inflict the most Jewish casualties? It is time to consider a pre-emptive strike. If we are heading for war, then let it be on our terms and when we are ready. There is no guarantee that Israel will have a chance to recover and respond to the Arab surprise attack, if they allow the Arabs to strike first. Who knows how many Jews will die in that first blow, G-d forbid? Who knows what strategic assets in Israel will be taken out if the Arabs are given the chance to strike first? Enough said.




Putting Trumps proclamation into proper perspective

They all promised – but Trump delivered.

Hopefully, it won’t be used against us in the future

-Trump did what former presidents failed to do. I hope that will not be used by him in the future to demand concessions from Israel. Trump: “Nobody loves Israel more than me, as I have shown. Now Israel must make painful concessions for peace…” I know many will say that the Arabs will never agree to make peace. And Trump is just trying to pretend that he is even-handed, knowing that the Arabs will never agree to sit down and talk. Tell that to the thousands of Jews driven out of their homes in Sinai, after Egyptian Sadat agreed to do what he was never supposed to do – to recognize Israel. I can live without them recognizing us, especially if with their recognition, comes surrender of land, and the Temple Mount to the Arabs.


-Arabs, other Jew-haters and self-hating Jews are in mourning, how sad

My condolences are extended to the Jew-haters and self-hating Jews. This is indeed a difficult week for them. Fear not, my fellow Jews. Any violence perpetrated by the Arabs will only boomerang back into their collective kufiyah. I remember when everyone predicted that Baruch Goldstein’s attack on the Arabs in Hebron, would trigger hundreds of attacks against Jews. The reality was very different. In the end, the Arabs tried to retaliate and ended up getting themselves expelled from key areas in Hebron that became “Arabian-rein”. Jews were able to walk freely in areas that had previously been inundated with hostile Arabs.

-Trump showed that he was more Zionist than Bibi and most Jews-but people neglect to concede that he recognized Arab rights to part of Jerusalem – The holiest part – The Temple Mount

har habayit

Trump recognized Jewish rights to part of Jerusalem and the Kotel, however, also recognized the Arab “right” to the Temple Mount and other parts of Jerusalem, to be determined in final status negotiations. In essence, what he really said was that the Jews could keep the outer wall – lower Kotel – and keep wailing at the Wailing Wall! I know this is “huge” or “yuge” as Trump would say, and it is far more than any other U.S. President and much more than Bibi has done, however, we need to aspire for more. And know that the Temple Mount is the heart of Judaism and of Jerusalem. He who controls the mount controls the land.


There are Jews who are thrilled with Trump and others that are angry that he recognizes that the Jews have any right to any part of Jerusalem. None appear to be even the slightest upset with Trump’s recognizing Arab rights to Temple Mount.


-Here is one Jew who appreciates the historic recognition that Trump has given to our G-d given rights to Jerusalem, however, it is incumbent upon us to clarify that all of Jerusalem is ours and to continue to demand of ourselves and our leaders to assert Jewish sovereignty on the Temple Mount. Trump is lightyears ahead of our leaders, but then that is not saying all too much.

-To the Jews that are qvelling – falling over themselves with yiddishe Nachas – Jewish Pride that the Big Goy in Washington has showered his love upon us

Jews must understand that our rights come from G-d and not from Trump or any other man. In the end we will need to place our faith in G-d as a precursor to redemption. In the end, we will need to stand alone without fear and faith in the gentile. We will be redeemed and build the holy Temple in Jerusalem regardless of Trump’s recognition or lack of recognition to our right over the Temple Mount.


Israel will live and thrive regardless. Trump, however, can restore greatness to America by showing his full support for Israel, for those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who don’t will be cursed. If you really care about Trump’s future and about the fate of America you will pressure POTUS to fully recognize the Jewish right to its holiest site, the heart of Zion – the Temple Mount. Falling over ourselves silly over Trump’s partial recognition of Jewish Jerusalem is fine, as long as we understand that the Temple mount is Jewish and as long as we make that clear to Trump and the rest of the world.


However, at the end of the day, restoring Jewish sovereignty over the mount is Bibi’s job, not Trump’s.

Please read an article that I published last year, to get a better understanding of Trumps potential role in Jewish history.




Arabs preparing war on Israel

ARABS PLANNING A MAJOR WAR ON ISRAEL – Time to dump Eizenkot and to prepare for battle

Find here a summary of the topics mentioned in this important article. The full article starts after the summary.

The facts about the massive build-up of Arab troops and infrastructure around Israel’s borders all point in a one-way direction of war. One need not be a brilliant military pundit to read the writing on the wall


The Russians are proud to present the victory that they delivered to Assad together with Iran and Hizbullah and they are gleefully dividing the spoils of the 6-year Syrian civil war, allowing for Hizbullah and Iranian bases to place themselves spitting-distance from Israel. Despite Israel’s empty threats and pitiful begging, Israel’s basic security interests have been thrown under the negotiating tables between Russia, Syria, Iran, Hizbullah, Turkey and even the U.S. Putin has been fair enough to meet Bibi, and to hear him out. However, hearing and listening are two different worlds. Russia’s actions or inactions on the ground demonstrate that they will not prevent the Syrian and Hizbullian presence/takeover in the Golan or on Israel’s border with Lebanon.


Israeli intelligence geniuses peddled the no-war mantra throughout the bloody Syrian civil war: Let the Arabs kill each other- we must stay out of the war. Oh really?

Ironically, Israeli intelligence proved to be less than intelligent when supporting the populist mantra “let the Arabs kill each other, let’s stay out of the fighting”. And so Israel joined the western international community in aiding the Hizbullah/Iran-Syrian-Russian Axis victory. Behind the scenes we even helped them secure priceless intelligence data and more used to defeat ISIS.  It is understandable to accept Israel’s role against ISIS but we wilfully neglected the Hizbullah/Iran threat, disregarding and down-playing the significance of such a victory. Israel could have done much more to alter the course of that war and to prolong it.

Hizbullah gains fighting experience, weapons, respect and morale

The emboldened Hizbullah monster that we have created has received international acclaim and has gained respect, now considered to be a real army and formidable fighting-force to reckon with. Tens of thousands of war-torn soldiers and officers have gained complex battle experience (that Israeli combat officers severely lack) and inherited weapons that are more than dangerous toys. I care less about the respect they have won, and more about the additional boost to their morale. Morale and a good-ole-fighting-spirit often measures in more than any other factor when it comes to fighting and winning wars, even on the modern battle field. Wars are not won by the timid and frightened souls but by those who convince themselves in the justice of their cause and who have the faith, courage and spirit to fight the war. When the winners are blood-thirsty savage muslim radicals, the smell of blood eggs them on. Israel’s fear to engage Hizbullah and Iran in Lebanon has only whet Hizbullah and Iran’s appetites. In the long run, the Arabs will again fall prey to their very designs – The harder Hizbullah will ultimately fall, from the heights of their foolish arrogance to the depth of defeat in the hands of Israel.

Young Muslim Militants Worldwide Flocking to Hizbullah – flocking to their own downfall

Naturally Hizbullah is reaping tremendous success in recruiting young Shiites in Lebanon as well as thousands from around the globe to join their ranks. What can you do? Everyone likes a winner.  Savage, barbaric winners are particularly adored and idolized by young Muslim fanatic types. They are planning the next stage in their quest at the conquest of Jerusalem. They have made no attempts to keep this any secret. While I would not yet eulogize ISIS, in Syria, Sinai or elsewhere, Hizbullah has had far greater success at training and recruiting Jihadists around the world and in importing them to Lebanon and Syria than ISIS ever had. Come ye faithful Muslim fanatical and foolish fops from the four corners of the earth to fall in the valleys surrounding Jerusalem. Help us gather you all together – for Judgement Day is coming. A day of revenge is in G-d’s heart, the time of redemption has come, Isaiah 63, 4.

IDF High Command Castrates Army and Fights Torah Values

The Israeli high command, on the other hand has implemented policies that castrate the IDF in many different  ways. They are forcing combat units to integrate female soldiers into their ranks, and openly admit that in order to absorb women in these units they are downgrading combat standards. Israel’s Chief of Staff has declared war on the military rabbinate, extricating Judaism wherever he can. Jewish heritage is no longer taught by the rabbinate after it has been forcibly placed into the hands of the educational wing of the army, so infamous for their alliance with extreme leftist anti-Jewish values and their hosting of the most virulent anti-Judaism speakers and teachers. Israel’s Chief of Staff has even forbidden IDF Rabbis from reading verses from the Bible at the troop graduation ceremonies after basic training and the like. Religious soldiers who wish to grow beards can no longer receive permits from the rabbinate, and the list goes on.


The prosecution of Elor Azarya and others who have been indicted for shooting terrorists has caused the expected and intended defeatist and negative ripple-effect .

According to published reports more and more youth inducted into the army are avoiding combat units and positions. Why risk one’s life and also one’s freedom on the altar of self-destructive suicidal orders that force troops to take unnecessary risks and that penalize good soldiers for killing the enemy? Soldiers are hesitating and even running away from the scene of terrorist attacks to avoid legal persecution/prosecution. Many IDF soldiers not only hesitate to shoot but prefer to flee rather than fight. Many situations have already arisen where combat soldiers literally ran away from terrorist attacks, such as was the case in the Armon HaNatziv and in French Hill, earlier this year. It is this type of hesitation at pulling the trigger and fear of Israeli judiciary terror and indictment that creates defeat on the battle field. It only takes a second of hesitation at pulling the trigger that gives the emboldened enemy- standing across from you the necessary edge to kill you and to win the battle, G-d forbid.


The IDF’s new policies that encourage same sex marriages and sex-change operations are dumping more buckets of immorality onto the already decaying social and ethical make-up of the army. The Torah warns of the connection and adverse impact that sexual perversion and lack of holiness in the camp have on victory in the battle field, Devarim 23, 15.


The Israelis have openly publicised their plans to surrender parts of the Galilee in the next war, allocating more efforts into evacuation plans for border towns and Kibbutzim to more safe and central areas, than any real plan to prevent an invasion from the North. For the first time in its history Israel is preparing to run away and to evacuate border towns, without putting up a fight. Yes, they will do their best to recapture these areas but have accepted the “fact” these towns are indefensible. G-d help us. If Bibi was a leader with a fighting spirit and faith, he would have flushed Hizbullah and Lebanon far beyond a security zone in occupied southern Lebanon, far beyond missile and tunnel range from Lebanon into major Israeli population centers. Force the hostile enemies of Israel to surrender their homes and to run away. There is no other way to protect Northern Israeli population centers. The only way is to seize and control the areas from which the HIzbullah launches their attacks and builds their tunnels.

Bibi’s threatening Iran to keep more than 40 kilometers away from Israel’s border is a hoax

Firstly, Iran should be taken out whether or not it has bases 40 or 41 kilometers away from Israel. Iran openly threatens Israel daily with annihilation. They have a death wish and they have signed it long ago. Secondly, Hizbullah is in control of the border. Hizbullah is Iran and Iran is Hizbullah. The UN troops are helpless and useless. See Yediot Ahronot, yesterday Nov. 26, 17. Even the bias viciously anti-Israel “peace” keepers claim this to be the case.

Bibi should take a 40 KM security zone period!

That is the only way to control the area and prevent hostile assaults on Israel through tunnels or rockets. Israel needs to liberate those areas, and drive out the hostile elements.


Jordan, on Israel’s Eastern Front is petrified of its own shadow and is not capable to put up any real fight should the Iranians come crashing through from the North or from the East, nor would their overwhelmingly majority belligerent “Palestinian” population have it any other way. The likelihood of terror cells finding home in Jordan to use it as a launching pad against Israel is a bigger threat than Israelis, who place their faith in the ”cold peace” with Jordan would like to believe. There are two banks to the Jordan, as Jabotinsky wrote in his Betar anthem. They are both belonging to Israel. Jordan, don’t make the foolish mistake that will trigger Israel to liberate the East Bank.


Egypt is building a humongous military arsenal and developing infrastructure such as massive highways in Israel’s direction through areas that are not populated and that have no traffic warranting the types of highways that are being built. Egypt is stockpiling weapons and signing new contracts. More tanks, fighter planes, and what not. They are making quick progress building nuclear facilities. There is no force out there that would justify the impoverished state of Egypt to make this huge investment into its armed forces. Everything points towards Jerusalem. Egypt, fear not, your tunnels and weapons will be turned against you, in the end.egypthighways


In Gaza the recent “Palestinian“ peace-deal forged between Hamas and Fatah, brokered by the Egyptians is very bad for Israel. Israel, again is left to hold the beggars bag, shouting forth her pathetic demands for Hamas to recognize Israel and disarm. Here, on the Southern Front nobody is even pretending to hear Bibi’s bellows. Israel is finding tunnels with new technologies, but Hamas and Jihad diggers, are digging away, and most Israelis believe that they have additional tunnels that have found their way underground deep into Israel. Naturally, in the end the tunnel dggers will build their own graves.


Many Israelis are dazzled by the new Saudi stance against Iran and Hizbullah, however, Iran is swallowing up country after country and has already succeeded in creating a corridor that they now safely control from Iran, through Iraq to Syria and Lebanon and to Israel. The recent run-away act performed by Lebanon’s prime minister, is proof of just how much Hizbullah controls Lebanon. Iran is winning in Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and elsewhere. They are the dominant force on the ground and the Arab world as well as the rest of the world believe that time is on their side, especially with the help of the Russians. The corrupt and backward regime in Saudi Arabia knows that there time is limited and fear a pro-Iran overthrow, sooner or later.

The evil Russian-Syrian-Hizbullah/Iran Axis is winning.

The Russians outplayed and out-maneuvered the US and the West in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. ISIS and the western aligned militias may have been defeated, but Israel is the big loser! It really does not matter whether ISIS comes or goes. At the end of the day, the lunatic radical muslim elements will find their way to Hizbullah and other savage terrorist groups. Hizbullah more or less controls the state of Lebanon and has a conventional military force that far exceeds most armies in the region, not to mention rival militias. They are far stronger and organized as a military force in comparison to ISIS – So much for the military doctrine that dictated that Israel stay out of the war. Ultimately Israel will be dragged into a war with Hizbullah and their allies regardless. Don’t be surprised if Egypt and Turkey play a role in that war against Israel. It may happen by surprise and at the worst timing for Israel, when Israel is in a far more vulnerable position to fight off the very Islamic monsters that they created.

This is a special time – and we better wake up and prepare to fight

This is a period which requires, prayer, faith in G-d, and creative military thinking. Israel needs to consider the type of pre-emptive strike it needs to launch to distance the Southern, Northern and Eastern Arab threats as well as to quell the Arab fifth column in its midst that are all waiting to pounce on tiny Israel when they feel the time is ripe. The question is not whether or not to strike, but how and when to do so. To surprise our enemies; to wake up and slay them first as we did in 1967 – in the Six Day War, or to stand surprised and close to helpless when we witness the Arab onslaught, as we did in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, when we needlessly lost thousands of Jewish soldiers before we could regroup and launch a meaningful counter offensive. Make no mistake and have no doubt – Israel will win and the Hand of G-d delivering victory and salvation to His people will be seen by all in the conclusion of the endgame. The only question is whether we will betray the necessary faith in G-d to bring about that victory and redemption through the necessary faith needed to merit that victory, before, or after much tragedy and bloodshed that could have been averted, had we only taken the initiative to strike first. Redemption comes in the merit of faith. Will we wake up and garner the necessary faith at our own initiative or will we reach the faith to rely on G-d, only after we have suffered miserable defeat and when we have nowhere else to turn in our hour of hardship and darkness?

BDS is a problem – but there are greater problems that demand our attention


This, my friend, is the message of the hour. Not BDS, and not Bibi political survival legislation. G-d asks us to decide our destiny – to have faith or not to have faith on a personal level as well as on a national level – to be or not to be?  If it is redemption, salvation and victory that we seek than it is actions of faith that the Almighty is waiting for. Have no fear – the war will come, sooner or later. Should we wait for the enemy to surprise us and to dictate the best time, when they are most ready or will we have the faith and courage to dictate the timing and the intensity of the conflict? Let us teach the street in Israel that launching a war against our enemies is the best option, when the alternative is waiting for our enemies to launch that war. Let us restore the lost fighting spirit that Israel once had. Let us restore Torah values and ethics to the IDF. Let us demand the ousting of Eizenkot, Israel’s Chief of Staff before he causes more irreversible damage to IDF moral and morale.


Don’t mess with the Jews and the G-d of Israel – if you wish to live!

A message to our Arab and Muslim cousins around the world: Don’t count on your victory just yet. The Jews who govern Israel and who encourage you through their weakness to seek battle against Jerusalem do not represent the people of Israel who will rise up and swat you like flies if you as much as think of attacking Israel.  And your victory against ISIS and your arrogance resulting from your victory will only lead to your demise. The Jews will win in the end and all of your weapons, highways and tunnels will be turned against you. It may take us Jews some time to take a stand but don’t make the mistake of waking up the sleeping lion of Zion. Ask yourself a vital question before you pound on the drums of war: Why is it that the Jews always win, when they finally decide to fight? Don’t force us to start that fight that will lead to your painful demise.

If you agree with me and support this message, then help me spread it around Israel. A message of faith and national spirit – to offset the defeatist anti -Jewish values that have taken root in Israel.

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Trump needs to know that the G-d of Israel has his back if he follows through with his campaign promises.

Trump-Land USA and what that means for the Jews and Israel – Don’t worry Trump, Israel is behind you all the way. Israel will smash her enemies in the end. What role will Trump – the eagle play in all of this?

Please read this article through because it is going to blow your mind. It’s all here in the parsha of the week – Lech Lacha, which was read in synagogues all over the world the week of the elections, after the incredible and shocking Trump victory.


It’s all in the parsha of the week – Lech Lecha; the role of Yishmael, who will behave like a wild beast – fighting with everyone, 16: 12; the “eagle” (HaAyit) that symbolizes America and that is the same gematria as Trump’s first name –”Donald”, who hovers over the nations and plays a special role before the final redemption, Rashi 15:11. It is a hillul Hashem when Jews are oppressed and there is a requirement to take risks to sanctify G-d’s name and rescue the Jews in danger, 14:14, Rashi and Midrash there.

Those who bless Israel will be blessed (and become great again) and those who curse Israel will be cursed, 12:3; the covenant between G-d and Abraham, and the reassurance that G-d will not betray Israel – even if they are not deserving, Sephorno on 15:8, as long as they send away the eagle or expel the nations, Rashi 15:12. When Abraham shows faith, he merits victory, 15:6 and Midrash on story of war with the 4 kings who ruled the world. Faith and being ready to stand alone against the world merits redemption. And fear of the gentiles brings Exile and servitude, Ramban on Abraham betraying lack of faith by leaving the land of Israel at the time of a famine, despite G-d’s promise to sustain him in the land. The Ramban also views, as a breach of faith on the part of Avraham,  his placing his wife Sara at risk by lies to Pharoah about Sara being his sister.


Ironically, most American Jews have entered into a state of mourning after the sweeping and stunning electoral victory of President elect Donald Trump. However, the overwhelming majority of affiliated, Orthodox or Zionist Jews in America as well as most people of the Hebrew persuasion dwelling in Zion celebrated the “miraculous” Trump Victory. He who is smart with eyes on his head must see or at least attempt to see what will be born out of these historic elections.



In this article I will try and offer some insight into the outcome of these elections and what it all means for Israel, America, the Arab world and the Jews who choose to remain in the exile. Additionally, I will try and summarize many of the morals and the lessons that can be extracted from these tumultuous elections and the derogatory, degrading and hostile campaigns of the key candidates.


Firstly, we can see the great divide between American Jewry and Israel. The average Jew in America is not affiliated with anything Jewish or with Israel. The fact that Hillary is so heavily supported and indebted to her anti-Israel patrons and to Arab states such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia and the fact that she is surrounded by key aids that are so connected to the most radical Islamic elements, in no way deterred the unaffiliated Jews from voting for Hillary.


These are Jews that care not about their millions of brothers and sisters in Israel and who have cut themselves off from anything Jewish. As the Talmud in Taanit says, those who forget their brothers in need – during rough times, will be cut off from joining their brothers – when they rejoice over the rebuilding of the Temple and Jerusalem. It is likely that this suits them just fine, as Temples and sacrifices would be anathema to the “progressive” liberal views they maintain. They have chosen their fate and voted for their destiny, following the lead of self-haters such as Soros and Sanders.


Today, with the social media and independent funding one can overcome the impact of the media and reach the masses directly and instantly. Trump is living proof of the power of facebook, twitter and the social media network. Trends can change at the blink of an eye. That is good if you are a good guy fighting the darkness and lies of the media. Yet, that could be horrible when the social media can be used to organize and unite the masses to lynch Jews or torch the synagogue down the road. People could be swiftly, effectively incited to perform the worst unimaginable atrocities. When the lynch mobs are ignited, the flames can move with great ferocity and speed, in directions thought to be unfathomable only minutes ago.



G-d sees all. Man could learn a great lesson from the constant trickle of wikileak emails that were more than embarrassing for Hillary and the entire Clinton-Obama camp. This should remind us that all of our actions, deeds and words are recorded and will eventually be exposed for all to see.


If this is the case when it is being revealed by a human computer hacker, then one should be all the more humbled when contemplating G-d’s ability to view and expose all. This is just a small peak into the great day of judgement that awaits each and every one of us. And you can be certain that no emails, words or deeds are hidden before the eye of G-d and the heavenly court. This should trigger pangs of yearning for repentance and reconciliation between man and his fellow as well as with his maker.



Bibi and our leadership composed primarily of myopic wimps can learn so much from Trump. They are frightened of their own shadows. Trump said the most outrageous things, from the perspective of the media that mocked and delegitimized him. He did not waver or flinch. You can’t go half way and then backtrack. A leader is one who leads and sets the tone and not one who sways back and forth governed by popularity polls and the alleged norms of society. A leader creates the trends and is not molded by them. There is only one way to know how the public will react and that is by acting out your agenda. Suddenly everyone is running to kiss-up to Trump. The same Bush-clan and the same Republican establishment that shunned Trump yesterday, today jumps on the bandwagon. Everyone loves a winner. Great leaders don’t regurgitate the same old failed policies. They create breakthrough, new, innovative and creative policies that only yesterday were rejected by the same old boring and timid politically correct leadership. And the weak followers who call themselves leaders will join the winner only after he has won and shown them the light.


One must never give up or be frightened to stand alone. As our rabbis teach, even when the guillotine is staring down at your neck, one must never give up hope. G-d can deliver anyone at any time. Trump was more than the underdog who was written off long ago. He was abandoned even by his own party. The media demonized him. He stood unflappable with his truth, however unpopular it might appear to be. He had faith in the justice of his cause and in the Almighty and he was victorious. Good can defeat evil, even in this world if it is the right time and place, if so deemed by G-d.


One who criticizes others and calls others names, is most likely revealing their own shortcomings. Hillary and Obama repeatedly warned that Trump would be a sore loser who would not accept the election results and who would create unrest in the streets if he loses. In the meantime, Hillary and her “progressive” cronies have been blaming everyone and their uncle for their defeat and have done little if anything to quell the riots spreading across America, under the banner, “not my president”, “F..k Trump” and other sweet epithets. Those who attacked Trump for his alleged womanizing in the past, now hold signs “rape Melania,” Trump’s wife.



It seems that the polls can indeed be used to forecast results. Only one needs to use the exact opposite findings of the polls to know in which direction the wind is really blowing. The polls were off with “Brexit”. The polls were wrong in Israel, when it came to Bibi’s victory, in the past elections, and the polls again favored the liberal leftist “progressives” in the Trump-Hillary mudslinging race. They were flat wrong. They are either liars and frauds, believe their own nonsense, or people are simply frightened to reveal their true opinions lest they be mocked and marginalized by the media and the left. The bullies have succeeded in intimidating people from speaking their truth. It could be that for this reason people so identified with Trump who cut it all loose and spoke from his gut – the inner feelings that so many identify with, but were frightened to say aloud. There was clearly a backlash and he set the people free, in that sense.


It is likely that had Rabbi Meir Kahane (lehavdel) not been restricted, jailed, banned and killed that he would have ultimately become Prime Minister of Israel for all of the same reasons. However, in Israel if one says “throw out three million Muslims” he is jailed and tried under the penal code 144 for incitement to racism, and his party is also outlawed.

Trump was given the freedom to speak his piece and his peace. Albeit, the media attacked and maligned him, however, in the end, the people saw through the ultra-bias press and were permitted to make their own choice. And that they did.

This is probably the reason that Moshe Feiglin, Michael Ben Ari and all of the other decent right wing religious politicians in Israel just can’t take off and they never seem to fly too high in the polls. They lack that ability to connect to the masses. They lack that “in your face” base-talk. They fear to say the outrageous. They are always trying to look acceptable, intellectual and sweet. You won’t hear them say “free Yigal,” for example. Those two outrageous words would actually open the door to grassroots support and make them electable in the eyes and hearts of the “amcha”. But they would never say something like that, so beyond the pale. One need not support the assassination of Rabin to support the release, after more than two decades, of the alleged assassin. One can openly despise and condemn, in the harshest of terms, Yigal Amir’s deed, (if he is indeed the culprit), yet still understand the special situation during the peak of the treasonous Oslo-crimes perpetrated by Rabin and Peres. The people have not forgotten or forgiven Rabin or Peres for their role in causing the murder of hundreds of Jews by the Arab terrorists who received weapons, hope and a greenlight by Rabin. Many people still attribute to Rabin another assassination plot against Begin in the Altalena Affair.



It is likely that the professional well-financed riots against Trump will persist and that they will twist and turn in the direction of targeting Jews. Jews are already being blamed for Trump. And his policies and statements which will likely be perceived as being pro-Jewish and pro-Israel will further fuel the flames of hatred against Jews on the streets of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Baltimore and Boston. These virulent anti-Jewish/Israel sentiments are already brewing and prevalent in the Democratic Party as we saw in their convention, only a few months ago. The revolution against Trump on campuses throughout America will worsen and fuel the BDS and anti-Israel movement which already has a sound foundation in American halls of higher education.


Israel and Jews will become a party partisan issue. Trump = Israel. Anti-Trump = pro “Palestine” and anti-Israel. And anti-Israel means anti-Jewish, at the end of the day, no matter how you cut it. It makes perfect sense that Senator Sanders and Chuck Schumer would now be calling for Congressman Keith Ellison, a Black Muslim to lead the DNC.



Trump-Land USA and what that means for the Jews and Israel – Don’t worry Trump, Israel is behind you all the way. Israel smashes their enemies in the end. What role will Trump – the eagle play in all of this?


As we correctly predicted before the elections, regardless who wins, the results will be dangerous for the Jewish scapegoat, who will be blamed for pro-Israel Trump, for Arab terror due to Israel’s intransigence and who are the easy targets when the minorities and other malcontents riot in the slums of the inner cities that border with luxurious, comfortable Jewish suburbs, that fashion their ostentatious Jewish palaces.



Trump appears to have softened his position on Hillary’s crimes and on Obama Care and there are signs that his plans to build the big Mexican Wall have also already been breached to some degree. He is also already talking about a deal between the Israelis and the “Palestinians” despite his campaign promises not to impose a “settlement” on the sides. So who knows what will be. Trump might turn out to be the ultimate politician who speaks right and acts left, even more so than Bibi. Who knows what is yet to come? His aspiration to forge good relations with Putin may find Trump cutting a deal with Putin and Assad that would inevitably undermine Israeli interests and freedom of movement over Lebanon and Syrian skies. Any attempt to cut Syria off from Hizbullah and Iran will not be likely to succeed long-term, in as much as Israel is concerned. As that bond that was forged in blood and the hatred of Israel, the common enemy is the Arab street.  Trump’s reluctance to deploy U.S. troops, will likely lead to the partition of Iraq. You can’t control Iraq from remote control relying on the locals to carry out your dirty work. The Shiite majority there will naturally gravitate towards Iran.



Let us not forget that Trump comes off like a megalomaniac governed by impulses who shoots from the hip. At least this is the impression one gets. G-d forbid, he should ever get angry at Bibi or Lapid or whoever. Who knows what he is capable of doing? At some point he may just say to Bibi, “You are a wimpy loser, if you are frightened to fight the war, go f…yourself….” There are very uncertain days ahead of us. One thing is certain, for the Jew in the Exile it is time to buy a one way ticket home to Israel. For Israel, I am not over concerned because the only place of refuge for the Jew will be in Zion, Yoel 3;4. There are two possibilities: Trump will either fulfil his pledges and show true love of Israel, and if that is so, he and America shall be blessed as we saw in last week’s parsha, Breishit 12;3, or he will turn into Israel’s worst enemy and nightmare. Should Trump turn on Israel,  America will be cursed. Israel will do just fine with or without America, if in G-d we trust!

  1. TRUMP WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT IF HE CONTINUES HIS STEADFAST SUPPORT OF ISRAEL At the end of the day, for the Jew as well as for the gentile there is an eternal, internal conflict; a side of light that has faith and does the right thing and a dark side that lacks faith and that pushes man to do the wrong thing. There are, however, special moments in a man’s life when he must take a stand. These are great moments when man can pass or fail his test; when he can grasp greatness or plummet into the waste baskets of history. Similarly this is true on a national level for a country and for the nations of the world. Moreover, there are certain periods in history where the fate of all mankind and the fate of Israel rest more delicately on the balance. We now live in such a critical crossroad in Jewish and world history.    The non-affiliated Jew in America has cast his vote and made his choice and it was not for the candidate who openly voiced his love of Israel, and with that he has determined his fate.. Bibi lacked the courage, the decency and the reciprocity to support Trump before he was elected and when Trump could have used his support. Bibi now runs circles around Trump. It is simple, if Trump truly continues to stick his neck out for Jews and Israel he may just make America great again and he may just bring great blessing to his country. That is, if the nation allows him to govern without assassinating him or shutting down the country. As for Israel, have no fear, we will survive in the land and we will prosper with security immediately if we do the right thing and show our faith in G-d.                             grandmarshaltrump

This is all summed up interestingly in last week’s parsha as well. How timely that we read Parshat Lech Lecha in synagogues throughout the world, specifically on the week that Trump was elected. At the beginning of the parsha we read in Breishit, chapter 12, verse 3, that those who bless Abraham will be blessed and the one who curses Abrham shall be cursed.

After the parsha describes the great victory that Abraham had over the 4 empires that had captured his nephew Lot, the Torah speaks of how Abrham will be victorious due to his faith in G-d, (Chapter 15, verse 6). None the less, Abraham requests a reassurance from G-d that his children should also be redeemed, despite their possible betrayal of the Torah and G-d’s ways. In verse 8 there, Abraham requests a sign to show that G-d will not forsake his descendants and that they shall indeed inherit the land and the chosen destiny. (The commentaries explain that this is not a breach of Abraham’s faith, but rather Abraham seeing that his descendants would sin, wanted a reassurance that G-d would not forsake them, and that they, in the end, will enjoy a final redemption).

‘Donald’ in gematria – spells ‘HaAyit’ – the eagle, which is the symbol of America and it is also mentioned in the parsha in a particularly messianic context.


In the following verses, G-d shows Avram that he has nothing to fear and that his children will be redeemed: G-d establishes His convenant with Abraham and to his descendants by having Abraham perform a ritual “brit ben Habetraim” – the convenant in-between the dissected parts of the animals he sacrificed (which symbolize the nations of the world). While the bird (dove) which symbolizes Israel (shir HaShiri 2:14), remains whole to symbolize the indestructability of the Jewish people. The dissected animals, on the other hand symbolize the nations of the world, who will find their demise (perhaps in the war of Gog U’Magog). And then the eagle descends upon the animals (the nations of the world). However, “they” are dispersed by Abraham, (some say “they” refers to the animals being chased away and others say it refers to the eagle being chased away).

Rashi says that King David son of Yishai wishes to come to (exact vengeance against the nations) but he is not permitted until Moshiach comes. When the eagle hovering over is sent away or according to others – when the nations are sent away, then Moshiach can come and then the final redemption shall be ushered in.

This messianic prophecy is unclear. Who is driven away? Is it the eagle or is it the nations? If it is the eagle, then why does the Torah use plural to explain a single eagle? On the other hand, if it is the nations, then why must they be driven away? The plural language would implicate that it is the nations, driven away by Abraham that will precede and trigger  the coming of Moshiach. The prophecy in Isaiah about revenge against the nations preceding the redemption is commonly accepted, Isaiah 63.Just as the Egyptians received the 10 plagues before the Jewish exodus from Egypt.

I think that this can be explained in two different ways, just as the redemption can come in two different ways. From the perspective of America, it is their choice whether or not to support Israel and to be blessed. They can play some role of fighting the enemies of Israel like a vulture or eagle over the nations, or they can serve as a protector of the nations, supporting Israel only to be able to control the intensity of Israel’s response in its defense against the nations.


However, in the end Israel will need to garner the faith and the courage to drive out her enemies and to show acts of faith to merit her redemption and the coming of moshiach. On the other hand, the eagle can come to Jerusalem in the final war of Gog to fight the Moslems, but their swords can also be turned against Israel and then both Ishmael and Esav – the xtians find their deaths in the final war before moshiach comes, as most commentaries explain the prophecy in Zecharya 14 and in Yehezkel 38. Israel needing to stand alone, is a common understanding, so that the great victories will be attributed to the hand of G-d and not to the aid we received from allies. This sending away of the eagle could mean taking action alone, without the eagle playing a direct active role. Thus, the eagle is spared, but before moshiach comes Israel will need to take proactive action on its own. This could explain the differences in opinion about the role of the HaAyit-eagle = Trump in Gematria, in the final showdown. Will he be playing some sort of role in an alliance with Israel, or will he, too, ultimately join with the rest of the world when they converge on Jerusalem?


For Israel to have allies is not a sin. For Israel to place their faith in these allies or to accept bribes and aid making them reliant on these allies is a problem, particularly when appeasing these allies contradicts the way of the Torah (see Lech Lecha chapter 14, verse 13, Avraham’s allies, yet later in verses 22-24 Abraham refuses to take anything from the King of Sedom.) It seems that, regardless, America potentially has a unique and special role. They can break from Europe; the rest of the Esav-world and from the Arabs and the Islamic world, as Trump is indicating that he is prepared to do – If we take his campaign rhetoric seriously. The dissected animals – symbolizes perhaps that break and the divide between the nations; two sides – one pinned against the other – Islam vs Esav – the Muslims against the Western world, who are at war with each other. In the end they unite against Jerusalem. However, Trump-land USA will need to decide if he will join with the rest of the world and fall or if he will side with Israel and survive that final war. The eagle is being sent away from that final battle, and from falling in that battle. Trump will have to decide his own fate and whether or not he will restore greatness to America. Trumps pledge to expel three million immigrants and his disregard of national and world opinion and of the liberal media should be an eye-opener for Israel. This should be an example to pave the way for Israel to learn from this. If that is the only thing that comes of these elections, then that is enough. We should be so lucky for Israel to follow this bold lead and to expel her hostile enemies and welcome moshiach now. In the end, Israel will win regardless. Trumps embrace of Israel can only help America. Don’t worry Trump, Israel is behind you all of the way, that is if you do the right thing. Make no mistake, Israel does not need America. The redemption will come one way or another regardless of what America does. Trumps support of Israel will determine only the fate of America. Will the eagle stand ready to take on the rest of the world together with Israel or will the eagle side with the rest of the western world and Islam against Jerusalem?


According to most interpretations of the Rashi that speaks of the eagle and the final redemption, Moshiach will come when Israel drives away the eagle.


However, some commentaries do say that Israel drives away the (animals) nations and not the eagle (Ibn Ezra). Thus, there is a possibility to explain that the eagle is not united with the rest of the nations, and while perhaps Israel needs to fight that final war against the nations alone, the eagle can choose to do the right thing and separate itself from sharing the same fate of the enemies of Israel. Some say that Israel throws away the animals so that the eagle will leave and set its sights on the nations – its prey. This would imply that the eagle can also play an active role in the war against the nations, if they so choose to do so.


However, according to the more likely interpretation of this Rashi, Israel will send away the eagle, and this can mean that Trump will turn sour and that when Israel has the courage to say “no” to his future dictates then this will be a sign of the redemption to follow. What can be learned from all of this, regardless, Israel must not rely on Trump or the nations and Israel must do what it needs to do and show full faith in G-d. The true  barometer to measure Israel’s faith and the absolute test, is how willing Israel is to do the type of mitzvoth that might anger the world, such as expelling her enemies, allowing unlimited “settlement” in all of the land and building the Temple.


For the Jew in the Exile, the test is about whether he will side with Israel and make Aliya to Israel, in spite of all of the obstacles and threats.

Indeed, I would implore all of my Jewish friends to wait before breaking out the champagne to celebrate Trump’s victory as a victory for the Jews, despite his campaign promises. It can go either way in as much as Trump staying loyal to his pro-Israel promises. Regardless, Jews in America are in great risk.

Big things are coming down and the time is ripe for all Jews around the world to come home to Israel. Only in Zion shall the Jews find refuge, as the Prophet Yoel warns, (Yoel 3;5). Time to come home!

Psikta Rabati 36: Rabbi Yitzhak says: In the year that Moshiach will be revealed, all of the rulers of the world will be provoking each other (see recent  latest intensification of the conflict with Russia and America, and all of the other conflicts and wars around the globe and on Israel’s northern border in Syria…)…and the King of Persia (Iran) provokes an Arab King (The Saudis and others including Iraq) and the Arab King (Saudis and other Arab regimes) seeks help from Edom (represented by Europe or US – the leader of the pack). Then Persia destroys the world. The rest of the world shudders in fear and asks from where will we come and where shall we go. G-d answers them: My Children, don’t be afraid! Whatever I have done I have only done for your sake. Why are you afraid? The time of your redemption has come! And this last redemption will not be like the redemption from Egypt when you had sorrow and further exiles afterwards. In this last redemption there will never again be sorrow and bondage under the nations again.

Neo Nazis Publish List of ‘Donald Trump’s Jewish Cabal’


Montage made with tools.


None of the participants need be corrupt or sinister in any way, the website doesn’t provide smarmy details about their sins, all they’ve done to be included here is be Jewish.

Michael Abboud (Sephardic Jew) – Communications Coordinator, Donald J. Trump for President

Paul Achleitner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chairman, Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank (Donald Trump’s largest lender)

Sheldon Adelson (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

Elliott Broidy (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee

Michael Cohen (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and Special Counsel, The Trump Organization

Gil Dezer (Ashkenazic Jew) – President, Trump Dezer Development

Michael Dezer (Ashkenazic Jew) – Founder, Trump Dezer Development

Lewis Eisenberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chairman, Trump Victory Committee

Boris Epshteyn (Ashkenazic Jew) – Senior Adviser, Donald J. Trump for President

Stephen Feinberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – Member, Trump Economic Advisory Council; Donor, Trump Victory Fund

Alan Fishman (Ashkenazic Jew) – Chairman, Ladder Capital (Donald Trump’s second largest lender)

David Friedman (Ashkenazic Jew) – Co-Chairman, Israel Advisory Committee for Donald Trump

Samuel Fox (Ashkenazic Jew) – Vice Chairman, Trump Victory Committee

Alan Garten (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President and General Counsel, The Trump Organization

Bruce Gelb (Ashkenazic Jew) – Endorser, Donald J. Trump for President

Michael Glassner (Ashkenazic Jew) – Deputy Campaign Manager and Former National Political Director, Donald J. Trump for President

Lawrence Glick (Ashkenazic Jew) – Executive Vice President of Strategic Development, The Trump Organization


Musical Yarzeit for Rav Meir Kahane HY”D and Rav Shlomo Carlebach‏ Z”L

B”H   Rabbis Meir Kahane and Shlomo Carlebach JOINT Musical Memorial

Join Shivi Keller, Chaim Dovid and other talented artists who will be there to pay tribute to these two Jewish Giants. Bring your musical instruments and your Jewish spirit to this unforgettable event.

Where: Nachliel        What time: 7.00 pm               What date: Tuesday Nov. 22, 16 (21 Mar-Heshvan).

Speakers include: Rav Yehuda Richter, Rav Kahane’s grandsons: Yehezkel Ettinger and Meir David Ettinger (if authorities allow Meir Dovid to leave his house-arrest for the memorial), Shmuel HaCohen, The Rav of Nachliel – Rav Hubara, Rosh Hayeshiva in Nachliel – Harav Shandorfi,  Yekutiel (Mike) and Daniel Pinner                             For more info. Call  TO RESERVE TO GUARNTEE SPACE 0547650532


Terrorist was out on bail – but Jewish defenders are jailed.

The Arab terrorist who murdered two Jews, had been free on bail but due to begin prison term yesterday

Mesbah Abu Sabih the 39 year old Arab terrorist who murdered 2 Jews in yesterday’s attack in Jerusalem was convicted and sentenced to 4 months prison for assaulting a police officer in 2014 .He was free on bail and given freedom, due to report to prison authorities yesterday morning. He was due to start his prison sentence yesterday. Instead he went on a shooting spree, hunting down any Jew he could find on his rampage. He already sat out a one year prison term after pleading guilty to 12 counts of supporting and inciting  terrorism. If that was not enough, he was also indicted this year on eight counts of incitement to carry out acts of violence and terror and to an additional eight counts of supporting terror organizations. After having been repeatedly released on bail, Mesbah took advantage of his last minutes of freedom to carry out yesterday’s terror attack.


Mesbah was supposed to turn himself over to prison authorities to commence his incredibly lenient 4 month sentence for attacking police on the Temple Mount, which was perpetrated in 2014. If it was not so sad it would be kind of funny. He threatened the cop who had cuffed him, saying, “Remember my face, we will yet meet again.” This is the man who was roaming free on bail.

A link to the celebrations after his last release from prison:

In the past Mesbah had already served a year in prison for inciting to kill cops and soldiers during the period when the three Jewish boys were kidnapped and killed (Nafatali Frankel, Gil-ad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach, two years ago). The Jerusalem prosecutor’s office signed on a plea bargain agreement with the convicted terrorist in which he pled guilty to 12 counts of incitement to commit acts of terror and support of terrorism. The prosecutor asked for 15-30 months prison. The judge, Mordecai Caduri exercised his judicial power and settled for a mere 12 month sentence.


Mesbah was not only a known terror inciter and a known cop-beater, Mesbah was also a known trouble-maker on the Temple Mount who was issued, last July, an administrative distancing order preventing him from visiting the Temple Mount.

Voice of Judea Commentary:

Incredible! Elor Azarya – a seargent in the IDF is in custody without bail for neutralizing a terrorist who injured and attempted to kill soldiers, while this convicted Arab terrorist was released on bail, free to murder Jews. It is this type of foolish misplaced mercy and twisted morality which causes Israel to be cruel to the merciful and the good, and to be merciful to the cruel. This is a situation which can’t be sustained for much longer. Drastic change is needed. The IDF needs to be given a free hand to quell Arab terror and the courts must stop their lenient and apologetic approach to the savage Arab terrorists who are killing us!


More Insanity – Jew arrested in Tapuach for defending farm from Arabs moments after the shots were being fired in Jerusalem – The Jew remains in jail without bail

Nadav Yair a 62 year old Jewish man who resides on the hills between Tapuach and Ariel, was arrested yesterday after attempting to chase away a large group of Arabs who were ascending towards his home and farm yesterday at approximately 10 AM, only moments after the fatal terrorist attack was perpetrated in Jerusalem. The Arabs claimed that they were there to harvest “their land”. Police arrested Nadav alone for questioning. He was held overnight and is expected to be brought before a Petach Tiqwa magistrate court at 9:00 AM this morning, Momday, 10.10.16 L’Minyanam.

Voice of Judea Commentary:

If anyone is still asking why the Arabs are intensifying their terror attacks on Jews – The answer is obvious – Israeli courts, politicians and Chief of Staff have invited these attacks upon us by punishing soldiers who do their job against terrorists and by rewarding the terrorists. Gadi Eisenputz, Israel’s Chief of Staff summed it up well in several incredibly stupid and self-destructive public statements, when he said, “I do not want to see IDF soldiers shooting Arab girls who come with a scissors to kill them”, and “I reject the Talmudic imperative: when one comes to slay you slay him first, this is not the IDF way.” Yes we wait for them to kill us first?

When the Torah way of self-preservation is rejected by the morons who run the IDF, it is no surprise that these same generals rushed to convict Elor Azarya minutes after he shot at an Arab terrorist, and before he was even arrested, investigated or indicted. It is no surprise that the Arabs are laughing while they murder us. The media is reporting wide-spread celebrations by Arab Israelis in Jerusalem and throughout Israel. At the Aroma café’ down in the nearby Har Hazofim, across from Hebrew University the Arabs began to celebrate as they heard the news about the attack.

Arabs passed out candies and sweets to celebrate the murder of Jews:



Arabs were cheering during the channel ten broadcast. While the Jews were mourning at the funeral last night of the police officer who was murdered, thousands of Arabs gathered outside of the murderers house to celebrate. This must stop. They must go!

To Read Rav Kahane’s book wThey Must Go’:


Arab attack in Jerusalem- one dead, more injured



At approximately 10 AM Jerusalem time, an Arab terrorist, possibly two opened fired on Jews near the Ammunition Hill Train Station. One Jew has been reported killed, another in critical condition, one more in very serious condition and several others injured to various degrees. A terrorist was reported shot dead. Authorities have sealed off the entrance to Jerusalem and believe that there might yet be another terrorist on the run from the scene of the attack.

Riots and fights between Jews and Arabs have been reported in various parts of the capitol.

Justice for Shlomo Rindenow

Shlomo Rindenow was a lone soldier who immigrated to Israel from New Jersey. He served in the IDF engineer corps and found his death under mysterious circumstances in the Golan Heights, while on guard duty on the 11th of Tamuz (July 17, 2016). Before he volunteered to join the IDF, he had given a year of his life volunteering in Kfar Tapuach to train service dogs and search for missing people with the (I.D.U.) Israel Dog Unit.


While it is hard to get a handle on what exactly transpired from the delayed and contradictory news items that have thus far been released from IDF censorship, some facts are none the less clear: A Druze soldier who was driving a jeep on a standard patrol and who had arrived at an army outpost that was being guarded by Shlomo Rindenow exited the jeep, with a hand grenade, which he used to kill himself and Rindenow. The Druze soldier  had no hand grenade. He stole it from somewhere. Army policy would not permit the driver to have had a grenade.


Some reports said that the Druze soldier was arguing. Others called it an accident. What was he doing with a stolen grenade? Why did he exit the jeep? Why did he kill Shlomo Rindenow?

IMG_0936 II

I do not believe that we can expect honest answers without demanding them. The generals who lead the army were very quick in condemning Elor Azarya blaming him for using unwarranted force against an Arab terrorist who tried to kill Israeli soldiers, moments after that incident, despite evidence that the the terrorist posed a threat to Elor and the others in the area. However when it now comes to the killing/murder of Shlomo Rindenow there was a blackout on all information concerning the incident. While there could be justification not to publish the name until all family members are notified, what justification could there be not to allow the details of the case, without the names to be broadcast? Furthermore, almost a full day has passed since the incident and all of the army and government spokespeople continue to trip over themselves with contradictory and confusing reports about what really happened.


Was Shlomo preventing the Druze soldier who was wielding a stolen grenade from entering into the base? Was Shlomo Rindenow preventing the Drzuse soldier from attacking the other soldiers? Was the Druze soldier deliberately attacking Shlomo? I fear that we will never know the answers?


Is the Israeli government covering up the truth and blurring the facts so as not to harm the myth of coexistence? It is known that the young Druze are not the old Druze. Just as the new Pharoah had forgotten Joseph, the new generation lack the loyalty that was common place in the older generation. Military jails are full of Druze criminal soldiers who steal weapons and worse.

This would not be the first time that Israeli leaders hide facts from the public distorting the painful truth about the relationship of Jews with various minorities living under Jewish rule in Israel. This would not be the first time that truth is sacrificed on the altar of fake peace and coexistence that the Israeli media and politicians will try and sell to the public at any cost. We have not fogotten the case of Netanel Arami who was murdered by Arabs

while rapelling. They cut the ropes. 

The police and  government lied. They covered up the truth for months so as not to upset the delicate balance and relationship between Jews and Arabs. Heaven forbid should the people know the painful truth about the real dangers that confront Jews from their Arab co-workers and comrades.

Shlomo Rindenow volunteered for a year with the Israel Dog Unit, dedicating the last year of his life, before he joined the army, training with Search and Rescue dogs and partaking in searches for missing people with the I.D.U. He gave of himself to save Jews in Israel through his service with the I.D.U. and later through his IDF service. We owe it to him to demand justice. The same military leaders who were so quick to condemn Elor Azarya so as to appease the gentile world and to look pretty in the eyes of the gentiles, rushing to condemn the soldier who killed a terrorist, now, is silent when it comes to speaking out against a Druze soldeir who killed a Jewish soldier with a stolen grenade. We demand answers! We demand justice for Shlomo Rindenow.